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  1. Lifetime17

    Want to buy high powered handheld laser

    Hi I made a few for folks in the aquarium hobby. 4 to 5W will be ok for the purpose . yes as Red c said be careful of back reflection . Rich:)
  2. Lifetime17

    488nm Build! Finally!

    Hi, Good job on the 66 pen build Practice makes perfect. Solering skills come with experience clean the joints with flux and tin them lightly. and you wont need a lot of solder.
  3. Lifetime17

    Best laser for arborists

    Hi, Sawn or Jet lasers are great products and you can get a beam expander to fofocus in the far field. RedCowboy is good with this kind of stuff maybe he can direct you in the direction. Rich:)
  4. Lifetime17

    Happy Thanksgiving LPF

    Hi, No worries ill have a few for ya.. Rich:)
  5. Lifetime17

    Happy Thanksgiving LPF

    Hi, Is that an Adam and Eve Apple Ill take em.. Rich:)
  6. Lifetime17


    Hi, That 10W mocron looks really nice hmmm nice Xmas gift to me. I have many of your LPM's and are still going strong. Rich:)
  7. Lifetime17

    Coming soon...

    Im Sure ....
  8. Lifetime17

    Happy Thanksgiving LPF

    Hi Folks, Have great Thanksgiving Day today Eat and drink well ....🦃🍻🥂 Rich:)
  9. Lifetime17

    Am I evil?

    Hi Red, I use mine a quick on /off not left illuminating . Thats enough to get the message across with no harm done. Rich:)
  10. Lifetime17

    NEW! Sanwu - X5 Beam Expander

    Hi, After I tapped the material I used some fine 3M pad to smooth out the threads worked out great for me. Enjoy have fun .. Rich:)
  11. Lifetime17

    NEW! Sanwu - X5 Beam Expander

    Hi, Wow I didn't pay that much for one I think it was about 110.00 custom made . Gee talk about inflation ... Rich:)
  12. Lifetime17

    My Furst Custom laser 7W+ NUBM0E

    Hi, Here is a host I machined with a fan for cooling high powers. The sink is huge... Rich:)
  13. Lifetime17

    Lasers in australia

    Hi, Yes but he machined some nice hosts. Cudos to BBB.. Rich:)
  14. Lifetime17

    Finally first “build”!

    Hi, If you build another host you dont need to use the entire length of leads on the Dtr modules . Cut them down a bit so they fit easier into the heat sink with theists leads. Rich:)🤙
  15. Lifetime17

    Finally first “build”!

    Hi, Well done enjoy and be safe, now on to the Laser 66 pen build. Rich:)
  16. Lifetime17

    Am I evil?

    Hi, I have no problem using my rear led lights. I live in a rural area no street lights 45/50 mph limits . these people drive 60/70 mph they are flying around these roads that have sharp curves . And they drive way to close for comfort . So I flick on my lights to let them know to back off or...
  17. Lifetime17


    I order from them no problems. Rich:)
  18. Lifetime17

    Am I evil?

    Hi, I have a 2010 Hummer pickup and I installed two 120 Watt led lights under my rear bumper with a dedicated illuminated switch on the dash. Now tailgaters are no longer a problem. I turn them on and like magic the PIA behind me backs off really fast. Im loving it. My wife says I'm evil 👹 Rich:)
  19. Lifetime17


    Hi, On your pc type in micro flex V5 manual this will give you instructions how to set up the driver. They are great drivers.. Rich:) url.html here is the link.
  20. Lifetime17

    Ordering Parts

    Z, Let me take a look to see what I have. Rich:)