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  1. icecruncher

    I forgot, our anniversary isn't until January 4th, so its plenty of time.

    I forgot, our anniversary isn't until January 4th, so its plenty of time.
  2. icecruncher

    My wife bought me a lasense model from someone on here last year for anniversary. It is a 575...

    My wife bought me a lasense model from someone on here last year for anniversary. It is a 575 Yellow and works beautiful This year I was hoping to have it made into a handheld. It that something you could do for me? I'm NOT looking for delicate, rather something that will handle a 18650 or...
  3. icecruncher

    PERMANENT THREAD: Ebay& other internet FINDS of interest- read all the OP please sub

    Bought my 575nm from Lifetime. It is actually very Lemony yellow not green like the 560nm versions. it is sensitive to heat, if I run it more than 15 minutes it can get a little flakey. otherwise its rock solid. Ive had it about a year. Impossible to find the 575nm wavelength anymore, AFAIK.
  4. icecruncher

    Looking for cheap tri-pod ideas to hold gatling style blue laser.

    usually a desk mic stand with clip works well depending on size...
  5. icecruncher

    PERMANENT THREAD: Ebay& other internet FINDS of interest- read all the OP please sub

    came up today, big HeNe lasers https://www.ebay.com/itm/265970439802?mkevt=1&mkpid=0&emsid=e11021.m43.l1120&mkcid=7&ch=osgood&euid=4188ab3491d542d28a5ebaa6ec3729c9&bu=43203163230&ut=RU&exe=0&ext=0&osub=-1%7E1&crd=20221104015029&segname=11021
  6. icecruncher

    How do people get cheap laser Diodes

    I am going to repeat what was stated above - come back when you are 18 and we will offer suggestions. Otherwise, no one on here should be offering any. If you are still interested then, ask and I'd be happy to help
  7. icecruncher

    Some issues with my 1.2w 445nm laser, what to do?

    I've built a few of these lately with some left over drivers I had. Pics are helpful BTW. No one answered, so I will - there is no "Warm Up" on these. Also, you are not pushing the diode very much so as said before, its probably just a bad connection somewhere. As long as you don't inadvertently...
  8. icecruncher

    Single Mode Diodes

    Also single mode diodes can be combined in several ways to increase the power and give you a better beam profile than a multimode. But again, the higher the power the more complicated doing it and more expensive. Knife edging, Cubes, Dichroics (am I missing any?)
  9. icecruncher

    I Bought My First HeNe

    Mines about the same power (maybe a tad less) and I got it from Sam also, but you have the advantage with the 604 line. Mine also has a special place of honor in my home. A shelf just for this HeNe and accompanying power supply, out of harms way. Be careful with it and be warned, another LPF...
  10. icecruncher

    In need of help building a module into host

    I'm with you on that. I have a 575 lasence module and not sure what I'm going to do with it yet, but they are not easy to get and I'd hate to have mine go poof also :)
  11. icecruncher

    Finally... I own a 2W 577nm!

    Pricey, but well worth it. Thank you for the beautiful pictures. I had thought I misread the heading or something. Very nice laser - I'm happy with my little 20-30mw 575nm, but I think I could be happier with that. :) Enjoy and be careful - and continue to post pics as you have opportunity
  12. icecruncher

    Trying to create a He-Ne handheld laser

    A-14-00 That would work but they are expensive! I recently priced one.
  13. icecruncher

    Trying to create a He-Ne handheld laser

    my 6" red nightlight is about .1 mw - but yours being yellow is very nice, especially that size. My yellow HeNe lasers are much longer. You should be able to power it with 3 or 4 - 18650 batteries. Post when you finish it, with a beam shot.
  14. icecruncher

    Post your vintage pointers (weather you still have it or not)

    In 1978 I was taking an electronics class in High School and some magazines were selling laser diodes but super expensive. I desperately wanted to build a laser but it was out of my skill level and price range. In 1985 I started working for an electronics company and we sold "laser pointers" a...
  15. icecruncher

    Ornate CNC casing for lower power output lasers ?

    Try this on for size. Posted 6 years ago https://laserpointerforums.com/threads/my-newest-collection.97811/ These were all done with vaping hosts that existed at the time. They are no longer available - most only cost about $20 for the base, plus the voltage monitor ($8) and the laser head...
  16. icecruncher

    DIY Portable fogger 18650 powered (picture heavy!)

    very cool potential with batteries.
  17. icecruncher

    Open Source boost driver and buck driver

    Personally, I would love to see this produced - at that price. For example, a single battery M140/A140 driver that isn't $25 is nice. It would be valuable for using all those cheap diode pulls out there that could be put in a small package. Also something that could be recommended to newbs for...
  18. icecruncher

    Ugh anybody need a driver? seems like hardly anyone is doing builds nowadays...

    I always check my facts before posting! :mad: based on your specs at the website both of the drivers you have listed have a MIN input of 4.2v - Im sorry but a single cell isn't going to cut it for that. Ideally it may get to 4.2v on a single cell but even if it does, its not going to hold...