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  1. alfiechip

    *WTB Phosforce flashlight attachment for WL Arctic S3

    Hello Everyone, It has been a while & I trust everyone is doing ok. If anyone has a phosforce flashlight attachment for a wicked laser S3 they want to sell please DM me. Thank you
  2. alfiechip

    Best Laser Power Meter between these 3?

    Hello Everyone, I apologize in advance to everyone for neglecting to contribute a proper review of the Kenometer PRO sooner. I bought the Kenometer PRO from Ken when he was running that kick-ass 15% off sale in August of last year. I'll admit that I don't have any other LPM in my possession...
  3. alfiechip

    WTS: Giant Tritium Vials

    Hello, Tritium vials look great as inlays into torch-lights & lasers. Tritium are also placed into spheres creating a really cool effect casting just enough light to read a book in a pitch black room. Any chance of getting any trit spheres in orange, ice blue & green? Thank you...
  4. alfiechip

    *BOUGHT* Custom 445 Laser from Flaminpyro!! *PIC HEAVY*

    Hello Everyone, Thank you to everyone for all your replies! I had actually taken other (spicier) pictures that same night with my wife & the 'Rayfoss' style 532nm (you can see the laser in my avatar) she said if I posted those that I'd be in BIG trouble. I will definitely make her wear...
  5. alfiechip

    Jason Derulo's LASER GLOVES on VMAs

    Hello Everyone, I was wondering if anyone has any info on the laser gloves Jason Derulo was wearing on the MTV Video Music Awards? Here is a picture of them for those of you that didn't catch the VMAs last night. Thank you, Alfie Chip
  6. alfiechip

    *BOUGHT* Custom 445 Laser from Flaminpyro!! *PIC HEAVY*

    Hello Everyone, I haven't figured out how to quote someone in a new post so, I'm just going to copy/paste & answer everyone. "Wives/girlfriends with lasers is so awesome! There should be a thread dedicated to just that." by yobresal I definitely agree with this!! Lets start one & everyone...
  7. alfiechip

    New to this Forum - not new to Lasers

    Hello, Welcome to the forum. Enjoy your stay.
  8. alfiechip

    Also new in Forum

    Hello, Welcome to the forum!!
  9. alfiechip

    New member, long time reader.

    Hello, Welcome to the forum!!
  10. alfiechip

    *BOUGHT* Custom 445 Laser from Flaminpyro!! *PIC HEAVY*

    Hello Everyone!! So, after what seems like fifty PMs back & fourth & two months of waiting to get the right materials I've recently received my customized tritium inlay 445nm SS laser from the one & only Flaminpyro!!! I'm still waiting for Kenom to finish building the Kenometer PRO for me but...
  11. alfiechip

    Saying hi to all

    Hello, Welcome to the forum!!
  12. alfiechip

    Greetings from Israel.

    Hello, Welcome to the forum!
  13. alfiechip

    Arctic made me do it

    Hello, Welcome & be extremely careful with your Arctic S3!!
  14. alfiechip

    New guy Here

    Hello, Welcome to the forum! Good luck on your future build projects!
  15. alfiechip


    Hello, It's about time... better late than never! It's a pleasure to be formally introduced!
  16. alfiechip

    hello, new user, little laser project

    Hello, Welcome to the forum & read as much as you can.
  17. alfiechip

    Hello all - about time I joined the forum!

    Hello, Welcome to the forum!!
  18. alfiechip

    New To The Forums

    Hello, Welcome to the forum!!!
  19. alfiechip

    Bringing a laser in the USA

    I came back from Hong Kong earlier this year & was stressin' out hard trying to figure out how get the lasers I bought back into the US without customs them taking them away. I checked them into my luggage, basically dismantled the best I could & put random pieces in different padded envelopes...
  20. alfiechip


    ALOHA! Welcome to the forum! U KNOE DA' KINE! ;)