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    Safety of small China manufactured stage lights

    Ok, fair enough. Of course I read all the details (and about classifications), but as you know Chinese tech specs, they can be true or not, that's why I asked if someone happened to know more. Also, a device looking the same and even from same vendor can differ in real specs, that I know too...
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    Safety of small China manufactured stage lights

    Thank you for your detailed response. I know 3b is an eye hazard, but I was thinking that perhaps someone would have some idea of the real power of these devices. The prices are around 30 usd, but lasers are so cheap nowadays, that even that does not tell much. Measuring the laser power would of...
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    Safety of small China manufactured stage lights

    Hi all, I did try to search but could not find a discussion of safety of small Chinese stage lights, like the one in the picture attached. The device has a printed classification 3b, and automatically creates moving patterns. Of course people use these so that laser beams also hit the eyes...