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    A Home Made Supercontinuum Laser. The Ultimate White Light

    Sure, you could pump a dye Laser with a Q-Switched 355nm DPSS, I have one that will be an upcoming video. In my preliminary tests pumping dyes works, but at its fixed PRF of 1kHz you need to circulate the dye. Whether or not the output is enough to pump the fiber is another matter.
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    A Home Made Supercontinuum Laser. The Ultimate White Light

    A DIY Supercontinuum Laser on a budget. This produces a continuous spectrum from 430nm all the way to 670nm!
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    Dye Laser Comes to Life!

    Nice! Where did you get the dye cell?
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    Home Made Nitrogen Laser and Dye Laser!

    In these videos, I show three of my high performance designs for Home made TEA nitrogen Lasers. The Lasers demonstrated, have high repetition rates, high output powers (peak and average) and are robust, with many thousands of shots possible before the dielectric has to be replaced.These can...
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    Leslie Wright

    Thanks, glad you enjoyed it, I finally accomplished something before I`m 30 LOL ;D
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    Leslie Wright

    Thanks guys! I saw your (TL) video of the blu-ray time tunnel, very cool! Those violet photons sure are tasty! ;D
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    Leslie Wright

    Hi, This is my first post here, though I have been `lurking` for some time, so after some PM`s from some member of the forum, I have decided to sign up! re violet diodes: I`m glad the blu-ray write up has stayed so popular for this long! I`m glad your happy with yours, Timelord...
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    Blu-Ray diode w/o deck $40 shipped differnt thread

    Re: Blu-Ray diode w/o deck $40 shipped differnt th Those are the best prices I have seen for PS3 sleds yet ! Thanks to the guy that pointed that one out! just goes to show I haven`t been paying attention ;D plazmatron