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  1. thebucketmouse

    anyone weld with MIG?

    i have been welding with a stick arc welder for a few years now, but i tried a MIG the other day and I am in love. it's just so easy to do a good job. does anyone else have one of these? how much does it cost to get a decent one with the tank and everything? is it easy enough to replace the...
  2. thebucketmouse

    what is this? (laser machine)

    i was browsing my local state surplus sale today and i found this machine with laser warnings printed all over it... naturally i was intrigued :) however it was on silent auction, so i cant buy it just yet... anyone know what it is??
  3. thebucketmouse

    creating a thinner beam

    Has anyone successfully made a thinner, more concentrated beam for a laser with an aixiz module? I imagine it would require at least 1 extra lens at the end of the laser module. id love to make my 445nm have a more prominent, thin beam like the greenies. who has done this to a home made laser??
  4. thebucketmouse

    voltage drop on these diodes?

    Hello all, I just made a build but 5 min after I finished it, my microboost driver died :( However I want to test the diode to see if it still works. Does anyone know the voltage drop across the A140 diode? I'll calculate whatever resistor to use for it, and I have a variable power supply from...
  5. thebucketmouse

    Any use for this FB703 power supply?

    Hey guys, I recently picked up a used electrophoresis high voltage power supply from a surplus auction for cheap... anyone know if this thing is worth any money? It turns on and seems to work fine.
  6. thebucketmouse

    microboost acting weird

    so i was testing my new microboost to use with a 445nm, and i had a test load of 4x 1n4001 diodes in series, and i was also measuring current. powered the driver with a power supply at 3.6v, with a 3A max. however, the max current i could get after turning the pot was 840mA and the min current...
  7. thebucketmouse

    broke my first 445nm diode.. questions before rebuild

    so i LED'd my first 445nm diode last night :( according to my test load with 4x in4001 (current measured with a current meter in series) the current was 640mA through the diodes. probably not enough to kill the diode. however, after taking apart the host it seems the solder connections from the...
  8. thebucketmouse

    max current draw: 3x AAA vs 18650

    im ordering parts for a 445nm 1watt-ish build, can anyone tell me if the high current drain batteries such as the 18650 are absolutely necessary for this much current? or could i get by with using an mxdl host with 3x aaa batteries?
  9. thebucketmouse

    which is which??

    hey guys, this might be the wrong section for this but I need an answer kinda quickly. assuming the flexdrive is the driver made by drlava, what is a "microboost" driver that a lot of people refer to? i was only aware of the drivers made by rckstr and drlava, who makes the microboost?
  10. thebucketmouse

    for sale: LG ENV TOUCH

    I didn't want to clog up the for sale section with a non-laser item, so here seemed like a good spot. I'm selling my EnV touch, it's in awesome condition and pretty cheap at the moment. Cheers fellas! LG VX11000 enV TOUCH Mint w/ EXTRAS (verizon) - eBay (item 160382793046 end time Dec-06-09...
  11. thebucketmouse

    75W laser diode??

    So I'm sure that this can't be what it sounds like, but I was flipping through a Jameco Electronics catalog and in the hobby section along with other laser parts is a 75W laser diode, 905nm??? And for $39.95, lol. Can anyone explain what this is...
  12. thebucketmouse

    can i have some PHR 803T pics?

    i need to sell my spare PHR diode on ebay, but I don't rly have a great camera to take some good close up shots of the diode. does anyone have some nice diode pics i can have for free, and maybe some sweet blu ray beamshots also? i just dont want to steal other people's images without their...
  13. thebucketmouse

    can i power my laser with this?

    it's a variable DC power supply i got for christmas, and i included a video of it attached to a test load of 4x IN4001 diodes and a 1 ohm resistor all in series, demonstrating what the current/voltage levels look like when you turn the voltage knob. i will be using it to power a LPC815 red open...
  14. thebucketmouse

    best safety glasses prices i've found

    www.laser2go.com in in a grand opening sale, and has been since I bought my 650nm glasses from them a couple weeks ago. All their glasses are currently $28 with free shipping! And I got mine in the mail yesterday and they work incredibly well. Comes with a hard zipping case and a cleaning cloth...
  15. thebucketmouse

    laser2go.com? ultra cheap goggles??

    I'm not sure if this website is a scam or not, but goggles are $28 shipped... anyone have any clue if theyre for real?
  16. thebucketmouse

    any US military folks?

    I'm looking at going into the Air Force as an officer, good idea? bad idea? let me know if you have any experience
  17. thebucketmouse

    new motherboard in my gateway?

    I have a computer problem- I bought this gateway new a year or two ago, but unfortunately it has a socket 939 processor and DDR ram :( so I have pretty much the fastest proc I can get with this motherboard, and I would like to be using DDR2 ram. Anyway, is it possible to get a new mobo/cpu combo...
  18. thebucketmouse

    does glue transmit heat??

    I'm going to be making a block type heatsink for my open can laser to fit in to, by glueing together several layers of aluminum flat bar. My question is, what type of glue should I use to glue the layers together to best transmit heat?? Obviously I could use thermal compound but I'd rather use...
  19. thebucketmouse

    powering a laser off a variable power supply

    So I'm getting a variable DC power supply for christmas, and I was wondering what I'd have to do to run a laser off it. I assume voltage and current can be controlled independantly with the power supply, so could I just set the mA to whatever I want the laser to run at? What should I set the...
  20. thebucketmouse

    good test load for the LPC open can 20x diode

    I think it's called a LPC815? I bought it in a group buy, 20x open can. Anyone know a good test load for this? Could I use 4x IN4001 diodes and a 1 ohm resistor like i would with a regular red diode?