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  1. Lifetime17

    NDB7675 diode

    Hi LPF, Just need to know what your comments are on the 462nm / NDB7675/9mm diode . #1 What would be the suggested setting fir long life #2 What would the setting be to hit 470 NM Rich:
  2. Lifetime17

    New pics of sink & adapter repair in the Vets section

    The thread has been moved to the Vets section .. Rich:)
  3. Lifetime17

    Happy Mothers Day LPF !!!!

    Hi LPF members tomorrow is Mothers Day wishing a safe and happy celebration. So take care of mom they took care of you... My Mom and Dad are pasted some time ago but I still have my in laws and that's a gift. Rich:)
  4. Lifetime17

    465nm Covoy

    Hi LPF, Here is a 465nm in a Convoy host huge copper sink and custom focus adapter. Running on a lower setting X Wossee Boost/Buck at 1.3A G2 lens 1 X 26650 battery the driver is sinked to the brass pill . The diode is open can G Ball .. Thank You Rich:)
  5. Lifetime17

    Sanwu BE Adapter / Focus adapter

    Hi LPF, Here is a modification from a normal focus adapter for the Sanwu BE . The host has a G Ball diode set in with a M9X0.5 lens barrel . This really forms the bar of the G Ball into a nice tight dot . I was impressed when I tested it work great and was fun to fabricate. This can be done with...
  6. Lifetime17

    Global locations for members

    Hi, Every time I check out a new comer or even some that were here for a while,Very rare that they tell us where they are from . They can add that to their avatar. Well sorry for this but its one of my pet peeves and it bugs me , I just dont get it why is it an issue. Rich:)
  7. Lifetime17

    Sanwu LPM/Laserbee LPM

    Hi Folks, Sanwu sent me their new LPM they have marketed n their site. So I did some testing against the Laserbee 10W LPM to see the differences. All tests were done with brand new batteries fully charges for each diode test. So here are the results on this test. All diodes are brand new and...
  8. Lifetime17

    Another Repair

    Hi LPF, Here is a repair that was sent to me by a member, It has a NDB7875 diode. Driver unknot to me so here are some pics .So you really dont know what your getting some times. Rich:)
  9. Lifetime17

    Sinner copper core 2X26650 NUGMO3

    Hi LPF, Want to share a great host I forgot about a Sinner 2X26650. In it is a NUMGO3 diode open can/SXD /G2 . I swapped the focus adapter and machined a copper one to compliment the copper core.Enjoy all , Like a blast from the past. Rich:)
  10. Lifetime17

    Merry Christmas and all who celebrate ..

    Hi LPF, Just wanted to say have a Merry Christmas and Holidays to all. And thank you for being such wonderful folks through out the year . Hey good and bad it's all good really. We all should be thankful for what we have. Well enjoy the Holidays and be safe always friends Peace!!! Love to all...
  11. Lifetime17


    HI , Everyone have a Happy Thanksgiving to all and family have a great day. Rich:)
  12. Lifetime17

    NUBMOA diode/

    Hi, Just through this in a Host that was sitting around . So I decided to put in a NUBMOA diode /G ball . This takes 2X18350's and has a CU core with a SXD heat sinked with a CU sink I milled for it on the IC. Then I decided to fit a 3X BE and wow what a difference in the dot size.From a bar to...
  13. Lifetime17

    Digital Microscope

    Hi, Would like to share this piece of equipment with LPF. It's a digital microscope .I bought it to help aiding bridging drivers and easier on the eyes. Now you know how hard is is to see these tiny resistors. I can now pin point the are to be bridged up front. It takes the W out of work . I...
  14. Lifetime17

    Silver 501B Cone Bezel

    Hi, Here is a 501B cone bezel host , comes prewired with contact board , focus adapter . This host takes 2X18350's or 1X18650 batteries . Great for a Red build or a single mode diode. Thanks for looking folks. This host is 35.00 shipped first class mail in the US. Rich:)
  15. Lifetime17

    Another Arcane story

    Hi, Just wanted to post a few pics of this quality component build by you know who.:eek:(n) The parts were tested the diode is led and the driver is well you can see for yourself a mess. The wire is of ordinary plastic casing , 12mm module Rich:)
  16. Lifetime17

    Remember When ??

    Hi LPF, Just a post about what we used to have available .. Rich:)
  17. Lifetime17

    PCB Vise....

    Hi LPM,I would like to share this cool PCB vice for setting and soldering of drivers. It will hold firmly all sizes of drivers and boards. This keeps your work solid and stationary so no wobble when working. This takes the W out of work for me anyway. Enjoy as I did posting this tool of the...
  18. Lifetime17

    Happy Independence Day LPF !!!

    Hi LPF. Happy Independence Day Today marks another year that our country broke away from suppression . look how far we came with this great nation. Well enjoy the food ,fun and fireworks and mostly a day of from the salt mines. Have fun and be safe and don't forget to to let those photons fly...
  19. Lifetime17

    Thank You Arctic Dude :)

    Hi, I wanted to share these great PCB boards with you . Arctic drew them up and placed an order for me and they came out great. These are for the 10440 hosts and the 14500 hosts . So here are some pics of them , Again I want to thank Tero for doing this for me greatly appreciated . He's a stand...
  20. Lifetime17

    Happy memorial day lpf !!!!

    Hi LPF, :wave::friend: Happy Memorial Day everyone hope all of us have a great day .. :beer: Rich:)