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    LF: > 1.5W 445nm

    I decided to skip building a high-powered 445nm (saving that for a 405nm), and I'm going to look around for people who are willing to sell them. Anyways, not much required. A high-powered 445nm. In terms of pricing, I doubt any lasers will be new (I want under a few hours of use if possible. 5...
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    LF: Lower-Powered Variety

    Hey there, :) I'm looking to jump out of swimmin's "kinda overspec" and the "True 5mW" from DealExtreme (which is about 1.5x more powerful than swimm's, got lucky?), and get some higher powered lasers. I'm looking for 405nm and a 532nm. I'm also trying to find a 445nm, yet the lower-power ones...
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    405 vs 445 vs 532

    At a bit of an impasse here. My options currently are a 400mW Violet 405nm, a 1.2W Blue 445nm, or a 400mW Green 532nm. Will any 3 of these reach a visible beam in daylight? I know all 3 will be pretty solid at night. I've read the forums for the past couple hours, but not many posts...
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    A couple questions before my first laser purchases.. :)

    Hey there guys! Glad to finally get around to registering here at LPF..been reading this place for awhile, and it's such a great forum, :D Moreover to the point, hollidays are rolling around, as well as my birthday (it's nice having one close to Christmas!), and I decided to "wish" for lasers...