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  1. J

    Fun with NUBM44

    Is that a NUBM44 with a can? So did you removed G-BALL and a added a can?
  2. J

    Red Gball coming soon

    It seems this divergence is measured after Gball lens. Otherwise have no sense for me. It could be great to know divergence before Gball to compare with G84. I purchased one G84 (dual beam) direct from mitsu to test, and divergence from each beam is worse than even NUBM44. So maybe for pointer...
  3. J

    FS: My new 635nm 900mW - diode two pins

    and what collimator? dot will be about the same if 3elem on red (say p73) and G2 on blue. Is that the trick? Nice host btw
  4. J

    Super small YAG laser cavity

    Side or End pump with a 808nm diode
  5. J

    Hello everybody

    Hey! this is the place! Welcome
  6. J

    Adjusting Current With Multimeter?

    Yep, right. However dummy load is not exactly the same load than a Laser diode. So this is not 100% accurate, but yes, maybe the better approach. There are some drivers with current balance resistor on the output. On this drivers, Another way is to measure voltage falling across this resistor...
  7. J

    Adjusting Current With Multimeter?

    or measure current on the dc input. Reading is almost the same.
  8. J

    Hello again......pic heavy

    woooow! what an awesome work! High tech art. A pleasure for my eyes, thanks for sharing!!
  9. J

    Knife-edging four NUBM44 in Lasertack micro module

    Agree. Thanks for the drawing. On side-to-side diode setup this is (as I know) the only way to get the same divergence/beam size each beam. A single cyl set is possible but beam length path for each diode must be the same when reaching the 1st CV. Because all we know distance from cyls affects...
  10. J

    The Cyan Cannon Vll Build

    This is why I go with achromatics doublets/triplets positive lenses on my RGB SF, to minimise focal shift because of refractive index. They work pretty good..of course lenses must be high quality.
  11. J

    The Cyan Cannon Vll Build

    I've been done lots of SF with combined wavelengths on my modules and yes, it clips 638 (if required) but also cleans both wavelengths, granted (you have to get a perfect NF/FF alignment first). You must go with achromatic lenses and find which aperture diameter better suits your needs (usually...
  12. J

    The Cyan Cannon Vll Build

    It is possible to get a solid yellow on multimode diodes with a pair of PBSed P73 and one 700mW or 1W 520 green Nichia. You have to expand green until about 3mm to get 1mrad (better with cyls), and about 5mm for combined red to get 1mrad as well (cyls again). Accurate NF-FF beam measuring is...
  13. J

    The Cyan Cannon Vll Build

    Great!! go go CDBeam! clap-clap-clap
  14. J

    Need "Reverse" PBS for 20W "laser tank gun" prototype - do they exist?

    Re: Need "Reverse" PBS for 20W "laser tank gun" prototype - do they exist? Do you know where to purchase those polarising plates? thanks
  15. J


    Hi! Just want to share a colour rendering test for a single NUBM07E 'fighting' against two 'mits' ML501P73 and two NDG7475 520nm, all cyl correction. 07E is 'double CV cyl' corrected to get below 1mrad into minimal footprint. If set to max diode is capable to deliver up to 4W for a 8W RGB (2W...
  16. J

    NEW DIODES 4.5w "N450"(nm) and 1w "N520"(nm) +...

    Many thanks Jordan for testing such nice diodes:wave: So N450 and N465 is the same spot size than NUBM07 (with G2)??
  17. J

    New Mitsubishi diode 2.1 W, 639 nm

    I asked Mitsu and You're right, 2 emitters :(
  18. J

    New Mitsubishi diode 2.1 W, 639 nm

    G85 is dual emitter, 9mm case, 2W CW (1W each emitter). Divergence is almost double than p73 (65º vs 35º on P73), so maybe we need to expand with cyls between 8-10mm fat beam to achieve 1mrad...who knows. If this gonna happen (much probably), we could get same approach just correcting 2 P73...
  19. J

    NEW DIODES 4.5w "N450"(nm) and 1w "N520"(nm) +...

    agree...rest in peace NDB7875 :(