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  1. Lotus_Darkrose

    Selling 75mW 520nm chrome pocket mini

    Selling my Chrome Pocket Mini with PL-520 diode. Has copper heatsink upgrade. My original completed build post from 2014: https://laserpointerforums.com/threads/my-new-chrome-pocket-mini-520nm.88924/ A link to Jayrob's build kit that I used...
  2. Lotus_Darkrose


    For sale is a package deal, and the items will not be separated. 1x Radiant Alpha X4 LPM, with USB cable and blue 3D printed case, barely used. 1x 445nm laser from yobresal, hits 700mW with 2 freshly charged 18350 cells (included). Also has aluminum focusing knob. 1x 405nm laser from...
  3. Lotus_Darkrose

    eBay greenie cr123 impressions

    I just received the following pointer in the mail: Powerful 5mW 5 MW 532nm Military Green Beam Bright Laser Pointer Holster | eBay I placed the order on May 16, and it got from China, to my apartment today on May 24. Only 8 days from China...pretty impressive. So onto the laser. First, a...
  4. Lotus_Darkrose

    RGV in the rain

    So we had some decent rain here, and since my good camera only likes beamshots with a lot of fog/smoke or rain, I thought I would get some good pictures. Enjoy :) 660nm 532nm 520nm 445nm 405nm
  5. Lotus_Darkrose

    My new Chrome Pocket Mini 520nm

    Been a while since I made a thread about a new laser. Well, here goes. I had bought a chrome pocket mini kit from Jayrob a little bit ago, with a mini boost at 270mA. Of course I already had plans for it then. The kit finally came, and everything was great. Good work from Jayrob, with the...
  6. Lotus_Darkrose

    LPF on Ripoff Report

    Came across this, and thought it was hilarious. Old entry on Ripoff Report, and it's the only one for Laserpointerforums. Ripoff Report | LASER POINTER FORUMS Complaint Review Internet: 777575 Wonder how many tears were shed whilst typing this back in 2011.
  7. Lotus_Darkrose

    Icon Rogue 1 for $8.95 shipped, and cheap 2xAAA pens.

    Icon Rogue 1 for $8.95 (or best offer) shipped from USA. Icon Rogue 1 50 Lumen LED Flashlight Green 70 Hours of Light and Waterproof 084871312554 | eBay 5mW 650nm - $2.10 shipped. 5mW 405nm - $2.65 shipped. 5mW 532nm - $3.97 shipped. 5mW Red Green Blue Laser Pointer Pen Powerful Beam Light...
  8. Lotus_Darkrose

    Stopping by to say hello from snowy MI

    How's it going, people? Been a while since I've posted on here. Here's a beam shot of my 445 through the snowy skies of Grand Rapids.
  9. Lotus_Darkrose

    yobresal for reazle

    Yobresal hooked me up with a replacement for the 445 I lost camping last year (At a cost, of course). I had not been able to afford to get it replaced until now, but now that I have that gorgeous blue beam again, I am very ecstatic. (And yes, I still have my Radiant 445 glasses) He shipped it...
  10. Lotus_Darkrose

    Good deal with InfinitusEquitas

    Bought a 400mW O-like laser from InfinitusEquitas and it came in the mail recently. It's real power is around 310-315mW according to an LPM test from Infinitus, which I knew before I bought it. He gave me a good deal and it arrived in a timely manner. Good guy :) Thanks man! Couple pics:
  11. Lotus_Darkrose

    For Sale: 2 Intel CPUs (SOLD!)

    Everything Sold!
  12. Lotus_Darkrose

    Quick video of my 445

    Realized I never took a burning video with my yobresal 445 1.2W, so here it is. I forgot to hold the cd case up to the camera afterwards, so I took a picture, lol. Edit: If you can't tell from the video, the laser is at normal focus the whole time.
  13. Lotus_Darkrose

    One of the worst Heatsinks ever...

    Alright, so I mentioned in another thread that I got this laser: 100mw 405nm Handheld Adjust Focus Violet Purple Blue Laser Pointer SD302(1 x 18650 included) - DinoDirect.com Since getting it and using it, I have had to mess around with it alot. Clean out the threads, fix the focus, clean the...
  14. Lotus_Darkrose

    Poetry Thread

    So I searched the forums and found that nobody has made a poetry thread. So I figured I'd start one. This is strictly for poems that you have written yourself. And no suggesting changes to people's work unless they are asking for help. I'll start it off with one I wrote last year: ***Getting...
  15. Lotus_Darkrose

    Dino 405 pointer *tiny review*

    Ok, so I got my 405 pointer from Dino. Specifically this one: 100mw 405nm Handheld Adjust Focus Violet Purple Blue Laser Pointer SD302(1 x 18650 included) - DinoDirect.com Overall, it's not THAT bad for $27.46. It has no O-rings on it, and the threads are kind of rough. The button is slightly...
  16. Lotus_Darkrose

    My LOC Build!

    All I need is a RCR2 battery and a aixiz module with a diode and 1xcell driver inside. Let's hope I can buy it soon, lol. Heatsink is from a mohrenberg coleman host I picked up over a year ago that the switch broke on. All I did was file/sand it down and had a flashlight pill part that...
  17. Lotus_Darkrose

    WTS Sterling Silver, need help/tips

    Silver sold.
  18. Lotus_Darkrose

    Nice Cheap AAA red laser

    HJ-142 5mW Red Laser Pointer Pen(Black) $2.22 Free Shipping Just received mine in the mail today. Only difference from the pic is the head is flat, not rounded. Definitely brighter than a keychain pointer from the store. EDIT: Pictures were deceiving because the air in my room has dust...
  19. Lotus_Darkrose

    Airsoft laser

    Was bored so I mounted a cheapo red laser I hacked together onto my airsoft Beretta. VID00008.mp4 video by LotusDarkrose - Photobucket
  20. Lotus_Darkrose

    SOLD!!! 2 Lasers+Green Host