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    PSB cube questions

    Hello guys. Have a couple of PBS cube questions. I have a couple of 445nm PBS cubes, and would like to use one for a couple of 520nm diodes. Will that work? Or is it better to buy 520nm - 532nm PBS cubes? And in general, once you have your diodes dialed in properly, and you're not looking at...
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    Scratch on goggles

    Hello all. Question about the lenses on most goggles. If they get scratched, are they still safe? Is the OD factor related to a coating on the lens, or is it usually embedded into the lens material?
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    Laser power levels in SFP's/GBIC's

    Hello guys. IT related question. I was putting together some Fiber Channel cables for a server install. By accident I looked into a live SFP module with the cable unplugged (had that IR very dim red color) Now I've worked with this kind of equipment for a while, but I don't think I've ever...
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    high power 450nm questions

    Hello people. I got myself two NUBM44's, and a PBS cube :D :D D Want to build a 12w-14w handheld. Have some safety questions though. the highest wattage I have worked with sporadically is about 5w with one of Rick Trent's combiner units, and it was already finished, so it wasn't my build...
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    Where can I get mounts like these?

    I've been trying to search, but seems that either I not searching properly, or nobody sells these type of mounts anymore http://laserpointerforums.com/f50/octuple-red-build-60584.html
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    I need some advice guys

    Hello everyone. I had recently put up a for sale ad: http://laserpointerforums.com/f39/several-lasers-flashlight-sale-93503.html I had a member called "Willjoe21" contact me and offer to buy the Arctic that was on sale, and the 532nm Stick. We agreed on $250 for both units, and that we...
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    Several lasers and a flashlight for sale

    Alright, I'm up to the wazoo in 445nm lasers here, and it's time to get rid of some of these. Rifle 445mn 1W laser from Lazerer: I bought this unit back in 2011. Since then, I can estimate that the unit has had less than a minute of actual runtime. I just ended up playing more with my other...
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    Help with TrustFire clone

    Hey guys. I just got a chinese TrustFire 12XT6 clone given to me. It has a burnt driver bu the LED's are ok. So my understanding is that the driver for this light is a current controlled driver that supplies a constant 3A, with an input of 12vdc. I've seen a couple of replacement drivers on...
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    Ebay greenies and IR

    Hello everyone. I recently purchased a Radiant LPM and started to measure all my green laser pointers. It looks like most of them range from 30 to 50mW, and I'm sure a large percentage of that is IR. I plan to buy some IR filters and retest with the filter on (to see how much mW is IR) Let's...
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    Question about the 1w 520nm diodes

    Hello everyone. I'm starting to get the itch to build something with a 1w 520nm diode. From the spec sheet, it looks like it's designed to use a max of 1.7A of current (and this is where it will achieve the approx 1w of output). So assuming that I build a unit that tops out at 1.7A, what's...
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    Can static electricity kill a laser pointer?

    Hello guys. I have a question about static electricity. Let's say I have one of my pointers (I have a couple of Arctics as well as a few Lazerer units, and a couple of home made units on flashlight hosts) on a table, and I pick it up, and I just happen to have static electricity, which...
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    Lazerer 400mw Green

    Hello all. I had a question about my Lazerer 400mw Green. It came with the Lazerer supplier goggles. Problem is that I don't think they filter out IR, and Max from Lazerer says that the laser I got from them does not have an IR filter. Most of the time I just point it at the sky, but on...
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    Arctic Spyder III's for sale

    SOLD!!! - Arctics no longer available! Well, I decided to start building my own lasers. I already have the 2 diodes and the drivers I'm going to use. So I'm parting with my 2 Arctic G2's. The first one I bought brand new from Wicked Lasers (Bought in Feb of last year, received in July last...
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    Anyone familiar with this driver?

    I want to power my 1w 445 Diodes, and I'm wondering if anyone is familiar with these drivers: 1W 445nm blue laser diode driver / 405nm laser driver on eBay.ca (item 360366238554 end time 18-May-11 18:32:16 EDT) They claim to be from AixiZ. Any ideas?
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    Another "staring at reflection" question. Sorry guys

    Hey, I've been trying to find info on the safest power of a green laser if you look at the reflection from the dot on a matte white surface. From what I can tell so far, it seems that 50mw is the highest recommended to stare at a diffused reflection with the naked eye. Yet other sources say...
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    WickerLaser Arctic Goggles

    So I had a crazy idea how to make the WL goggles more effective. Since I have 3 pairs of them, I gutted 1 and stuck the lenses right on top of the lenses of the other goggles. This has almost completely filtered out practically all the blue out of the dots. Even at high power, all I see is a...