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    808nm 1 Watt Infrared Hand Held Laser Build

    Hello fellow LPF members, This is my 2nd time building a hand held laser pointer. (My first build was the The Green Bullet <<<Link) I bought the laser diode alone from Ebay China Electronic Dealer HLD80801WH4T IR Laser Diode (Attachment is the datasheet of the IR Diode) and the rest of the...
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    1.3-1.4Watt 520nm NDG7475 GREEN BULLET Build

    Hello fellow LPF members, It's my first time building a laser pointer and I know this is crazy and I should probably go for a cheaper and lower powered laser pointer but what's done is done :D. I bought the laser diode + module + G-2 lens from DTR laser shop NDG7475 520nm Laser Diode and the...
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    It is necessary to remove the back part of the LD module?

    Hello fellow LPF members, I have this burning question before I could continue my laser assembly: http://imgur.com/a/9rVFg Why do instructions and tutortials always say to remove the back end of the laser diode Module? Why can't it be attached to give additional heatsinking? I think that it...
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    Will this work?

    Hello fellow LPF members, I always wanted to build a 808nm laser and so I'm here to receive any feedback/help if my decision to buy the following parts would work: Laser diode: A 808nm 1W 9.0mm LD 808D 1000 TO5 9 0mm 1W 1000mW 808nm Infrared IR Laser Diode to 5 LD | eBay They sent me a data...