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  1. gbp007

    Rigel HV 589 VS GLP-589

    Im looking to order a 589mw yellow laser pointer and wanted to know which one should i get between the rigel hv 589 or glp-589 ? Are they pretty much the same laser and with the same housing or is there a difference between both ?
  2. gbp007


    Hi, i just recently purchase my first violet laser handheld and im waiting on arrival and was curious if anybody has the electra-6 model and how is the quality and does it show the beam in a dark place ? I decided to spend a little more and get the elctra-6 instead of the electra-5, so im hoping...
  3. gbp007

    Fog Machine Help

    I want to get a fog machine so i can play around the house and be able to see the beams from the laser pointers that i have, especially my red and blue pointer, could someone point me in the right direction to a decent but not expensive fog machine that is in the 30 to 40 dollar range and that...
  4. gbp007

    need some charts

    Hi, can somebody provide me with a variety of different color graphic charts from anything to do with all the different nm wavelenghts from the highest to the lowest nm, spectrums, mw power, comparisons of different laser colors and any other scientific charts about lasers ? I need it for a...
  5. gbp007

    Aquarius 5 beam

    I have a aquarius 5 blue laser pointer which i got from laserglow and when i turn the lights off in my room, i can see the beam but the color of the beam is very light and not solid blue..Is there something wrong with my laser ? I havent gone to a club yet to tested out where beams are more...
  6. gbp007

    Rigel 2 MW yellow laser pointer beam

    Is there a review anywhere about the rigel 2mw yellow laser pointer that laserglow sells ? Can you see the actual beam at night if i point in the sky and also can you see the beam if you are inside a nightclub ? Is it bright ?
  7. gbp007

    is anybody here selling a aquarius 5 and the rigel

    I was just wondering if anybody on this board is selling the aquarius 5 blue laser pointer and the rigel 2mw yellow laser pointer ? Would be interested in obtaining both of these if someone is elling theirs.. here are the ones im looking for - aquarius 5 - ttp//laserglow.com/index.php?aquarius...
  8. gbp007


    Im looking to get a no more than 500 dollar compact blue laser pointer that is 5mw that i can take with me to the clubs and wanted to know how does the light that the aquarius-2  emit look inside a club ? is the aquarius-2 0.6-2.0mW or 5mW ? it says power output 0.6-2.0mW and typical peak output...
  9. gbp007

    orange and yellow laser pointer confusion

    I just checked laserglow to look at the orange laser pointer they have for 299 and now it's not there no more..Instead now i see a yellow pointer on there going for 599 ! Is this the same laser pointer that just had it's price raised by 300 dollars or is this actually not the cheaper 299 orange...
  10. gbp007

    5mw red laser beam

    I have a portable red laser pointer which is 635nm and also 5mw but i cant see the beam ..What is the minimumrequired amount so that im able to see a red beam ?
  11. gbp007

    silver laser

    I dont know if this has been posted but is it possible to make a silver or gray laser ?
  12. gbp007

    blue laser pointer info

    I need help on knowing which is the blue laser pointer that has 5mw because some show 2-5mw so im a bit confused wehtere the are 2mw or 5 mw or 8 mw..? Im here looking at the aquarius in the laserglow website but which is the one that is 5mw ? - Aquarius-2  - 0.6-2.0mW ~ 5mW - $489.00  ...
  13. gbp007

    posting links denied

    Hi , im new to this forum and when i went to post a link it said i do not have any permission to post link..What do i need to do so i can be able to post a link and images on the forum ?
  14. gbp007

    yellow pointer that is actually yellow

    Hi , ive been reading about the yellow pointers not really being yellow but more of an amber color but i came across this website that has one that it is actually pure yellow. Which model is this and where can i get it ? here is the website im talking about below -...