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  1. Eku


  2. Eku

    Daugins still alive!

    He just posted in the restricted area for people with over 1000 posts. (which is stupid) Saying that he's still alive.
  3. Eku

    Gaaaaaaaaah stupid flashbacks!

    Grrrrrrr third red diode DEAD!! I shot a mirror it went directly back in and now it's toast! This is REALLY pissing me off destorying all these red diodes! :(
  4. Eku

    WTB three mirror spiro.

    I want to buy a three mirror spiro pre-built, BUT I don't want it to have a laser, I want it to be so I can get shine my own laser at the mirrors to make the patterns. The mirror's must be atleast 12.5mm off the ground because that's how high the laser beam will be. I also want each motor to...
  5. Eku

    LCC's SUCK!

    I got two LCC's from 6x sleds and both died at 400ma in about a week! Bottomline: If you have them use them, if you don't have them buy LOC's instead.
  6. Eku

    Using a pot to control a lasers power?

    I was wondering if you used a 50k pot after the switch and before the driver would you be able to adjust to power from max to none on a laser would this work? Also I would use this for a o-like <100mw, LOC and 8x so I think I would need less ohms so could anyone tell me how ohm's pot I will...
  7. Eku

    Whats brighter to you? Bluray or Red? (405nm or 650nm)

    For me bluray is about four times brighter then red. But for me. Bed dot = Bright Blueray dot = Brighter. Red beam = decent Blueray beam = HARDCORE Red dot upclose = bright Blueray dot upclose = MY EYES Red dot faraway = tight and bright! Blueray dot faraway = Blurred and wide
  8. Eku

    Lighting matches with focused to infiinity 8x?

    Do 8x's light matches with a "focused to infinity" (pointer focus) 8x at 290ma if not would two 8x's combined light a match?
  9. Eku

    Where to buy antistatic bags?

    Delete this thread please. Delete this thread please. Sorry it won't let me :(
  10. Eku


    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f0ttcyIJPm4&feature=fvw That will never get old!
  11. Eku

    Jayrob's kits and heatsinks!

    Jayrob makes great kits and heatsinks somtimes his thread just disappear and are hard to find so I made this list. Stickied. FS: 405-G-1 Glass Lens Mod-28% Increase vs AixiZ!! http://laserpointerforums.com/laser_pointer_forums_3/forum/showthread.php?t=22497 FS: ***MXDL Custom Machined...
  12. Eku

    Bdr-203 $195 usd free shipping!

    http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16827129037 Woah!
  13. Eku

    Add overload!

    Now we have adds IN OUR POSTS. Don't you think thats just a tad over the top... I mean I don't mind it being in the outline ect but in our posts is a whole different thing. Post what you think.
  14. Eku

    BIG o-like modules.

    Why hasn't anyone made a host/kit for the big o-like modules when 120mw-150mw of green isn't enough?
  15. Eku

    Highest milli-watt 5.6mm/9mm red diode

    What the highest power 5.6mm/9mm red diode less then 150 USD please.
  16. Eku

    Look for empty altoids/eclipse tins.

    If any has any pm me please I am more interested in the altoids tins then the eclipse tins.
  17. Eku

    50mw or 100mw.

    I want a 50mw or 100mw green laser but I can't decide is it really worth the money for the extra 50mw's? If you have a picture of a 50mw and 100mw green laser dot/beam side by side that would be awesome! Almost forget, does o-like sell 5mw green modules by them self, if not does any have one...
  18. Eku

    Blind spots?

    I was playing with my 80-100mw blueray and got 1-2 very quick flashes on the eye but they were all through fog and it seems I have a blind spot(s), somtimes I can see it somtimes I can't. I can't right now it seems to disappear and come back somtimes and these arn't the blind spots your born...
  19. Eku

    Sf-aw210 diode

    Here's some threads you should read before buying a SF-AW210 if you have not already. New High Power Blu-ray Sled! - SF-AW210 Graph! http://www.laserpointerforums.com/forums/YaBB.pl?num=1237590110 got my sf-aw210 up and running http://www.laserpointerforums.com/forums/YaBB.pl?num=1239832848...
  20. Eku

    Pulsed blueray!

    When I was making my blueray I accidently unsoldered somthing on the flexdrive then I resoldered it back on and then once I finished it wouldn't light matches a couple of days later (now) I see that its PULSED!