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    Can you suggest a next step up

    So I've had my alleged <5mW pens from IQS for a little while now and I have gotten used to using them and everything and I think I'm ready to get a little more powerful laser. I'd like to get a nice green one but since I have been told it is likely the ebay pens are overspec, I'm not sure what...
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    CPU + Laser = Fun

    So I was pointing my <5mW red around in my workshop today and it hit something that made this crazy refracted reflection. When I went to see what it was I found an old computer CPU that I had taken apart a long time ago. Not only did I remove it from the computer but also (not so carefully)...
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    Weird light "splash" around the dot

    So I got my first three lasers from ebay. Just some cheap, allegedly <5mW pointers since I'm a beginner (although I think they are more powerful). So anyways, I got a 650nm, 532nm, and 405nm. The thing is, the red one has this funny light splash around the dot. Now, I'm not too upset but I'd...
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    I want to get proper glasses. How about these-

    So I'm new to lasers (never had anything past the little toy yellow bullet shaped keychain pointer) and I just ordered these three lasers: Green and Blue/Violet Laser Pointer Combo SALE US SHIP - eBay (item 110606495924 end time Mar-02-11 05:05:19 PST) and Red Laser Pointer 85-100 Visible...
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    Just starting out- looking for recommendations

    Hi all, I'm new here. I just recently took interest in laser pointers and want to get some safe "beginner" pointers to use. I'd like to ultimately get a true blue and orange/yellow pointer but figure I should start out small before spending that kind of money. If possible I'd like to get one...