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  1. mrbubl3s

    2W 445nm Laser and 1.7A Boost Driver on eBay

    Howdy all, I need extra some money for a new project so I'm liquidating my 2W. 2W 445nm Blue Purple Laser w 1 7A Boost Driver 5 5V | eBay
  2. mrbubl3s

    Great audio player at half the price!

    :') Awesome.
  3. mrbubl3s

    Has anyone ever bought anything from Gadget Town?

    What "sounds" fishy?
  4. mrbubl3s

    Sony Announces new 405mn 100W laser

    Well I guess we'll figure out in the next... Ehh, 40 years. :)
  5. mrbubl3s

    Sony Announces new 405mn 100W laser

    Well yeah, but, wouldn't that cause more errors too? :o
  6. mrbubl3s

    FS: Blu-Ray laser ~100mw

    I like the retro look, how much are you asking?
  7. mrbubl3s

    Sony Announces new 405mn 100W laser

    Why do they want to make it more dense? Isn't that bad for the long run?
  8. mrbubl3s

    Has anyone ever bought anything from Gadget Town?

    I bought a 100mW one with the diffraction gratings, and when you take the cap off, it will melt electrical tape, eventually.
  9. mrbubl3s

    saftey glasses for 445 1w and 447 1w

    I bought some 190-540nm glasses from orbtronic on ebay a while back, very good build quality, and I'm not blind, yet, although the vent things on the side get me paranoid, I keep thinking a beam is going to bounce around and get me in the eye...
  10. mrbubl3s

    Nother noob question - Can anyone sell on here? gb etc?

    I don't think most people mind, unless you are selling shittons of old electronics, I figured that out the hard way... So if you have something people would actually use, PSP, .357, netbook, etc, then I would suppose its ok.
  11. mrbubl3s

    some avatars make me angry

    Haha! That movie is awesome! I think its really neat how they can merge video like that.
  12. mrbubl3s

    Canadian help.

    Alrighty, thanks!
  13. mrbubl3s

    3G iPad=awesome.

    I would hate to pay that much for something and still be limited. But, I guess if it turns your crank. :)
  14. mrbubl3s

    3G iPad=awesome.

    I was playing with an iPad a while back in a store. I could see what people see in them, fast, thin, but a netbook or something gives you shittons more freedom. Lets see you put a different OS on the iPad.
  15. mrbubl3s

    Canadian help.

    Hello, this might be a really stupid question, but, I can't seem to find that thread about that person in Canada ordering >5mW lasers for people that live in the USA. If it got closed or something, could a Canadian person PM me?
  16. mrbubl3s

    Please help a laser noob

    "therd off i an aload to mess with lasers" HAHAHAHAHAH!!!!!
  17. mrbubl3s

    What laser should i get?

    Make a pros and cons list of everything you can think of, then see which outweighs the cons the most. BTW, I would stay away from CR123s and stuff, maybe thats just me, but where I live they run about $5 a pop.
  18. mrbubl3s

    Save $7, 100mW 532nm Half Steel Mid-open Green Laser Pointer

    I bought a "100mW" one from them with the star crap the other day, more like 5-10mW when I compare it to my 30mW. 30mW: http://www.gadgettown.com/30MW-Bright-Green-Beam-Laser-Pointer-Battery.html "100mW": http://www.gadgettown.com/100Mw-Mid-Open-Star-Projector-Green-Laser-Pointer-Pen.html
  19. mrbubl3s

    What laser should i get?

    I didn't mean it that way, I mean't it in a... Well, look at my avatar, and imagine her saying it. :)
  20. mrbubl3s

    Post a picture of yourself!

    Are you my mummy? (Most recent picture I have, 2 years old)