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    Highest quality red laser that can be bought in the UK?

    Hey guys, ill be parting with my pride and joy blue soon, so im wondering to keep my laser appetite wet, whats the best red laser i can buy in the UK? Im not talking about one of those rubbishy cat lasers u buy in the pet store that take button cells, im wanting something a bit more sturdy that...
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    Xbox one thread! My experience so far (new owner)

    Hey Guys! Long time :) Well i bought myself a 2nd hand xbox one for a song at the weekend! I got it with kinect and it is as i feared, pretty much a gimmik, it can be cool sometimes, but other times ive found myself swearing at it because its useless and doesnt listen to me. gestures are also...
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    Help, need to get a set of 445nm eye protection!

    Hey guys, well i think ill be ordering a 445nm laser soon, talks with sci-fi been going well :) so first order of business for me is to get myself a pair of 445nm laser goggles! you guys know any places in the UK where i can get a set? Cheers!
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    2W 445nm Lucklaser, too good to be true?

    Hey guys, just found out about luck laser and the $18 discount for shipping, really like the look of this one 445nm 2W Ultra Powerful Blue laserpointer Burning laser - $169.00 : Laser Pointer,Green laser,Blue laser, Red laser,Buy Laser Pointers,Cheap laser pointer too good to be true? seems...
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    what 445nm laser to buy...options

    Hey. Im new here. Been a viewer of this forum for a long time though but now I could do with some help from people with experience! Well ive been thinkin about getting a 445nm laser for a while and have always loved the look of the WL Arctic s3 but never bought one because of the price. Are...