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  1. JohnTheRipper

    LEGO Mindstorms NXT Laser CNC

    I finally put aside some time to record this video. Direct link: Lego MINDSTORMS NXT Laser CNC - YouTube It's made with one Mindstorms NXT (v1, not the revised v2) kit. I'm having a bit of an issue with wobble, but I can probably fix it. It's not intended as a "practical" CNC due to the...
  2. JohnTheRipper

    Some pictures I took with my new D7000

    They're all downsized in quality and size by Imgur, if you want them in their full 4928 × 3264 glory, you can download this 29MB zipped archive of them all. In a related area of discussion... What are the best settings for these types of pics?
  3. JohnTheRipper

    Looks like Wicked Lasers is hiring kids now...

    Wicked Lasers E3 Green 200mW Giveaway Wicked Lasers - YouTube Seriously, WTF? I was poking around the Wicked Lasers site, noticed the forums, found this guy, saw that he had recently been hired by WL, and suddenly found his YouTube account... Well, I think we know know the problem with WL...
  4. JohnTheRipper

    Help with Phatlight driver/build?

    Hey all, I got a projector (minus diodes) for cheap, and I have extracted quite a few things, including the precious phatlight. Now I powered it up via my small power supply-- 2A @3V DC, and while that's quite nice for a quick test, I need to figure out a driver for it, and a driver for the TEC...
  5. JohnTheRipper

    [REVIEW] Survival Lasers I 445nm 1.2 Watt

    This is a WIP review, and the first one I've made. Better beamshots and (possibly) a video are coming soon! Pics were resized to a max of 800x800 for your viewing pleasure. Product Info Survival Lasers I 445nm 1.1 Watt Copper heatsink, Eagle Pair glasses, tripod and charger/batteries. Approx...
  6. JohnTheRipper

    Any good tips on how to handle class IV (445nm 1W) laser light safely?

    I recently bought a class IV 1W handheld laser kit from survival lasers, and while I am waiting for it to arrive I might as well as if anyone has any good and/or little known info on how to handle 445nm 1 watt lasers safely? This is my first "big" laser, and I really want to make sure I do...