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    Have any of you guys sometimes get so disgusted you want to throw in the towel and quit? I mean it's been lions 10 Christians 0 . I am tired of this fight. this RGB is the last straw. Need some encouragement I had nothing but trouble with this cheap power supply from laserlands. and...
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    laserland power supplies

    I have to say that Laserlands or Basrem make nice heads but their 12v power supplies are SH*&^EW and one member here is right CHEAP and I am about to throw it through the window. the molex connector falls apart. I solder the wires on.. still don't work I had a devil of a time to...
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    Increasing laser output power

    If you combine three lasers together with diacroic mirrors like RGB lasers. Would you get more burning power. Reason i asked is. That i have a 300 mw RGB and it doesn't burn. But 300 mw 532 surely does. Thinking of combining three heads of the same wavelength
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    DPSS laser flicker,, what gives.

    So,, I got this Besram 300 mw 532 nm lab laser. I turn it on has a little delay, and then comes on. but it gets brighter then dimmer then flickers and is beginning to upset me. I had an old laser Aixis (sp?) bought it in 2007 and was 200 mw lab laser. It would do the same thing then...
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    computer power supply

    I have several computer power supplies from 1U rack servers (old PIIIs) and desktops. I know if you short the green wire and the black wire next to the green on the mother board connector,, you can turn it on and off. BUT will a server power supply that is powering 4 SCSI hard drives and...
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    B&W Tek spectrometer

    Okay I received my 3 units. I am not going to be using the Spectrometers Sooooo anyone out there that wants them/it. pm me and I will send them as I don't want to throw them out. Also the board the fiber optics connect to as well.. Let me know thanks again Tom. These are taken...
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    ND YAG Kill Joy

    Okay I don't know where else to put this topic in so I put it in General. Please Admin if you need to move please do,,,, Okay I had a US laser many years ago that I traded for a city bus. It was an open frame head as that was how it was installed. I have my Quantronix head and it too is...
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    B&W tek 473 500mw laser

    I am getting a B&W Tek 473 laser. Have any of you heard of them? It looks like a nice laser but,,,, you know looks can be deceiving. Any thoughts Thank you all again Tom.
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    Might be a stupid question but,,,

    As the subject states It might be a stupid question,but,,, I saw a 780nm 5mw laser pointer for sale. Why would you want a 780nm pointer? can't see it no power to burn things. what's the point. Can animals see that wavelenght?
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    Future of lasers

    I have been thinking about the future of lasers. What new lasers do you think will be coming out in the next 10 20 years? I am hoping it won't be diode only I am hoping that gas lasers and DPSS lasers will still be made. I have noticed many new colors being made with diodes . I am not much...
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    Chromatix CMX-4/IR Pulsed Dye Laser

    In the title I bought this laser (I think it is a laser) I was wondering if anyone here knows what this laser is. Is the laser in the hand piece? or is the laser in the base unit. thank you so much for any information I tried to post a picture but this site makes it hard and I am not a...
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    GE drycam medical laser imager

    Does anyone know what kind of laser would be in one of these medical laser imager? diode low power YAG DPSS? thanks
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    Spectra Physicis series 2000

    I am headed out to get a working Spectra Physics argon laser I have the power to run it. I will post pictures on here when I get it home. I hope the hours are low on the tube.
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    Spectra Physics 164 265 exciter

    I am desperately trying to find out about how to rewire my exciter be used again with an original 164 tube. IT was reconfigured for a Lexel tube I guess Lexel before being bought out by Cambridge lasers made a replacement tube for the 164 argon head. I would like to rewire it for the...
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    where are lasers

    This is a fun question. In everyday living where do you find lasers? yes I know DVD BuRay copiers, but where so they use these high powered DPSS lasers are they used in normal things like large laser printers/copiers? photo processing? just wondering. you see a lot of DPSS lasers on...
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    what to do with a really dead no hope for argon laser

    Hello I have this old Coherent graphite laser head that has a bad broken tube that will never ever I mean EVER be working ever again. BUT I love the head the way it looks and the size of it It has the optics and the head is in terrific condition. My question is what kind of laser...