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  1. rafalrrrr

    In Soviet Russia laser burns you !

    Laser depilation in Russia :D In Soviet Russia laser burns you ! - YouTube
  2. rafalrrrr

    DIY Laser Lathe pen

    A little project with scrap 780nm laser diode form CD burner :D I pressed the diode to metal pen and I can "write" on dark plastic, wood and gray cardboard :D. Diode is powered by LM317 set to 180mA. Here is a video of this: Laser Pen - YouTube Watch in HD ! Merry Christmas rafalrrrr
  3. rafalrrrr

    Burning 405nm diode from laptop Blu-Ray combo drive !

    I'll want to show you my burning laser harvested from Pioneer BDC-TD01 Blu-Ray combo drive. It outputs about 90mW. Driver is my own modified Joule Thief and it runs off 3,7V accu. Here is video of this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d55q4ETDRzk MERRY CHRISTMAS BTW ! :D
  4. rafalrrrr

    Where I can buy cheap laser ?

    I want bo buy/build very cheap laser which costs less than 30 bucks. Any ideas ?? :D
  5. rafalrrrr

    DVD laser which burns white paper, cuts match in half, ignites a firework and more!

    There are videos of my laser: DVD burner laser burns hole in white paper and ignites red matches - YouTube DVD burner laser burns various objects (ignites firework and cuts match in a half/slices duct tape) - YouTube This laser outputs nearly 300mW/650nm with standard acrylic Aixiz lens. The...
  6. rafalrrrr

    DIY Laser Engraving Pen using 120mW 780nm diode

    Hello :D I want to show you my laser engraving pen which can write on dark plastic and wood. This idea came me when I saw my 780nm laser diodes lying around which I salvaged out from DVD burners. The advantage of 780nm is the human eye almost isn't sensitive to this wavelength, but is dangerous...
  7. rafalrrrr

    16x DVD burner laser 650nm 230mW

    I want to show you my DVD laser. It's made from cheap 9 LED 3xAAA OEM flashlight and Lite-On Short Closed Can diode. Collimator has variable focusing and is made from metal part from VHS tape recorder. Lens is acrylic and came from 1Euro laser pointer - it's cheap but it works :D. Power source...
  8. rafalrrrr

    My 6x 405nm GGW-H20L Blu-Ray writer laser

    Hello! :D I want to show my little 150mW Blu-Ray laser. It contains acrylic lens and custom made heatsinking collimator. It was made from cheap OEM flashlight bought in builder shop. I snipped out the Blu-Ray logo in the flashlight with razor-blade. It's powered by 3xAAA 1,5V batteries and...
  9. rafalrrrr

    New laser guy from Poland

    Hello, I'm from Poland and I'm 18 years old :yh: I'll want to meet some people from this forum. In my country lasers are unfortunately hard to find :/ Especially high power laser diodes.. The only way I can get laser diodes/or modules is internet auction. In my small town (about 50 000...