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  1. Eku

    Banning Arenared?

    I didn't know tech_Junkie was banned!
  2. Eku


  3. Eku

    FS: MXDL Silver Kits

    Hey moh! If you buy it with a driver is the driver already installed and you solder the wires from the driver to the diode in the aixiz module? Thanks.
  4. Eku

    FS: MagLite LED Upgrade Kit - Color Options

    Looks cool! I've been looking for a tiny coloured light that can be bought as a set for rgb. Might buy three somtime when I get the money and time.
  5. Eku

    MagLite Solitaire LED Upgrade Mod

    Hmmm. So there 3mm leds by the look of it. I'd be interested if they were p7 leds >:D!!!!!!! Still interesting.
  6. Eku

    Need Opinion on New Custom Host design

    OMGOMGOMG I LOVE IT! Amazing design Ehgemus! Make a version of this with diodes plox? That would be awesomeeeee!
  7. Eku

    WTB: Used Flexdrives (V3 or V4)

    Tell me about it Dr-ebert I've killed too many flexdrives then I want to know.
  8. Eku

    Custom Host for O-Like Module

    Got my host :D!! It looks great! The setscrew doesn't change it's looks at all! The switch is a bit... um.. finicky. I just look it and my o-like module works great it! I would be happy to buy from you again :3!
  9. Eku

    FS: Pailide Laser Kit

    So the drivers already in the host riggggggght?
  10. Eku

    What does it mean?!?  (your name that is)

    Re: What does it mean?!?  (your name that is) Well erm. E = First letter of my last name. K = well I just like K U = U which means you. But really I just wrote some random cool name that popped into my head.
  11. Eku

    [Laser Burning] Creative Items!

    Thats pretty cool Firemylaserfunny it still works AND looks cool!
  12. Eku

    feeler: stainless buck rogers laser/ray gun

    Three words. I love it. You MUST make a diy o-like module kit! (or diode)
  13. Eku

    Custom Host for O-Like Module

    Hey man, I havn't got mine yet.
  14. Eku

    you guys ripped me off, then banned me

    USE THE THREAD JACK LUKE! All your thread belong to trollz.
  15. Eku

    -200mW+ Laser Pointers in Great Sales!

    Don't start that shit >_< >> << >_> <_< ^.^ ^^ Now whyed I do that O_o?
  16. Eku

    Known scammers!

    I really hope not tech_junkie I really do. Anti-jake threads get boring...need more anti-bluefusion one's just kidding :p
  17. Eku

    Show for our band -- commercial products?

    If you want to make your laser-show for a party/band event you could do it with the budget a grand. But with DIY. You would three choices of colours. 405nm (violet/blueray) 532nm (green) 650nm (red) Or you can combine all of them. But sadly we arn't a "scanner" forum if you want to learn...
  18. Eku

    Green and Red Part 2

    wheres the DON'T CROSS BEAMS caption for the secound pictures? But seriously nice pictures man! Although it seems your camera either under-powers green or over-powers red.
  19. Eku

    -200mW+ Laser Pointers in Great Sales!

    Ok stop posting on this thread now.... It's pretty pointless. It's been pointed out that it's overpriced and not tested blah blah blah.
  20. Eku

    Poll: Have you been on sauna?

    Well. Around here its usally 26-33c but mostly around 29c. And sauny is hot and steamy so maybe if you where its not that hot a sauna would be good. But here and with me naaaa.