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  1. FatalaS

    Department of Quantum Electronics and Laser Research Center (VU LRC)

    Today my friend was in lasers research center(Lithuania,Vilnius) and metered hes lasers,I tought that you might be interested,take a look(didn't use img tags because image is quite big) : http://s11.postimg.org/vrq4popb7/20130613_161912.jpg http://s9.postimg.org/cvw5vofkf/20130613_161906.jpg For...
  2. FatalaS

    Is it myth,rumor?

    Well I've heard that red lasers burn better than any other laser that's visible.Is that true?
  3. FatalaS

    LPF Facebook?

    So does LPF have a facebook?I found some facebook groups called "Laserpointerforums" ,but I'm not sure if that's official group since it has 40likes?
  4. FatalaS


    Hello, This is my 100th post on this forum and I'd like to indruce myself. I'm George from Lithuania,Vilnius.I'm 15 years old.For those who don't know where Lithuania is I have lots of hobbies: RC,cycling,parkour,photography,computer gaming,billiards,airsoft,golf,paintball,lasers,air...
  5. FatalaS

    Diffraction gratings

    This video shows 4 different diffraction gratings:reflection beam fan,reflection matrix,transmission matrix,transmission beam fan. Transmission Beam Fan Transmission Matrix Reflection Beam Fan Reflection Matrix
  6. FatalaS

    Eagle pair vs rayfoss safety goggles?

    Today I discovered new rayfoss glasses which has >5.0(OD+5,OD+6) and eagle pair has OD4+ Links: Rayfoss Safety goggles Eagle Pair® 190-540nm Slip Over Laser Safety Goggles And here are my questions - Why cheaper goggles has bigger OD?Maybe it's fake? - Why some goggles are red and some are...
  7. FatalaS

    200mw 532nm comparison rayfoss

    Hello, I would like to ask about these to lasers First one is 250mw ,IR filtered,costs 170$ and uses 2pcs 16340 batteries(Is it better than 1x 18650?) Also in photos you can see that nice drawing with yellow triangle on head(except first photo in description)?Why?Is that different laser...
  8. FatalaS

    Laser companies

    Which company do you think is the best?(According to price/custom service/quality/variety)?And why? P.S. Forgot to add rayfoss.So if you want vote for rayfoss post a comment below and I'll edit this thread with rayfoss votes at the moment.Also if you think that I didn't include any other good...
  9. FatalaS

    Eurovision 2013

    Which country do you support?Do you watch it right now :)?What do you think about this year participants?
  10. FatalaS

    Boiling coffee

    Would you drink that?
  11. FatalaS


    So,what hobbies do you have :)? Personally I'm interested in : RC,cycling,parkour,photography,computer gaming,billiards,airsoft,golf,paintball,lasers,air hockey,diabolo,yo-yo.However I don't have much money to enjoy them all... :yh:
  12. FatalaS

    Street lights shut off

    How did he shut off lights with 170mw laser ??Is that trick or something like that?
  13. FatalaS

    Help me choose goggles

    What goggles should I get for this laser? LZCR - 532nm 200mW High Power DPSS Green Laser Pointer Price shouldn't be higher than 20$.Thanks :beer:
  14. FatalaS

    DPSS Laser vs simple?

    What are advantages and disadvantages of DPSS laser ?And what's different between simple lasers?Thanks.
  15. FatalaS

    Video or photos anyone?

    Maybe someone has this laser LZCR - 532nm 200mW High Power DPSS Green Laser Pointer and could show me video or photos of laser at night/day ,burning etc? Thanks. P.S. Are these goggles are ok for this laser? http://lazerer.com/laser-safety-goggles?product_id=264
  16. FatalaS

    200mw Max 130$

    Guys what 200mw laser you 'd offer for not more than 130$?
  17. FatalaS

    It's possible?

    So it's possible to make black/white lasers?Maybe there are some already?
  18. FatalaS

    Yellow lasers?

    Why there are so little yellow lasers?
  19. FatalaS

    Help me choose 200mw laser

    So which one 's best?Or maybe you have your own offer? First one Price:200-150LT (80-60$) Info:Focusable,uses 18650 battery. Second Price: 200LT(80$) Info: AAA battery (not sure if focusable,but it says that this laser can light a match) Third Price:290LT (115$) Info: uses 1x 18650...
  20. FatalaS

    The most powerful laser pointer?

    So just wondering where you can buy most powerful handheld,laser pointer?Is it true that wicked lasers sells most powerful lasers?