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  1. BillyBob

    476nm laser

    Hey I'm selling my 476nm Sharp laser. It's in a DTR module with a Nano Buck driver set at 275mA already attached. It's a beautiful color, but I need the money currently. I'm asking for $250, I don't believe there will be many more people willing to part with theirs since it's quite rare of a...
  2. BillyBob

    FS Brand new OptLasers RGB 400mW

    I recently bought a OptLasers RGB and received it last week. I slowly learned that it was a too big of a project for me and I've decided to sell it and get some money back. It also comes with their new driver and a Matek 5v 12v power distributor. https://imgur.com/a/cdGMA I'm asking for $400...
  3. BillyBob

    Opt Lasers 400mW RGB

    Hey I need some help putting together my Opt Laser RGB. I just got it today and notice it's a different driver than the one on their website. The driver is about 10mm smaller than the one on their site. https://optlasers.com/en/rgb-modules/161-400mw-micro-rgb-laser-module.html It came with some...
  4. BillyBob

    Two Lasers 589 30mW, 450nm 3700mW

    I recently moved to Sacramento and now live about half a mile from a airport and no longer want to use a 3.7W laser anywhere near a airport. Also selling my DL 589nm 30mW to have some money for other lasers in the future. The blue laser is a NDB7A75 450nm with a 405-G-2 Glass Lens and a Xdriver...
  5. BillyBob

    In a dilemma

    I been wanting a 30mw 589nm from DL, but also want a 50mw 473nm mini from Jetlasers. Which one do you think would be more visually appealing?
  6. BillyBob

    510nm vs 520nm vs 532nm

    Hey I been looking for a while to find some good comparison pictures of 510-532nm but I haven't been able to. So anyone got some good pictures of the difference?
  7. BillyBob

    C-Mount 622nm

    While browsing random laser websites I found this one Solid State Lasers and Laser Diodes from RPMC Lasers Inc I went through it and found a C-Mount 622nm here is the link LDX-2106-622 - Free Space Multimode Laser Diodes from LDX | RPMC what do you guys think about it?
  8. BillyBob

    Big host

    Is there any BIG host for the new NUBM06? Since they produce some much power they would need a big host/heatsink.
  9. BillyBob

    445/450nm 250mw module

    Hey Im looking for a 445/450nm 250mw module with driver attached and leads. Willing to spend around $40-60 going to use it in a RGB laser that I have been planing to build.
  10. BillyBob

    Help making a host

    Hey so I was messing around with a 3D modeling site and came up with this for a laser host. https://www.tinkercad.com/things/c49Vm9BMup2-copy-of-lightsaber-starwarsweaponry/edit So I was wondering if anyone could make one like it for a 1W build. Takes some time for the site to load.
  11. BillyBob

    1W 520nm question

    What batteries should I use for a 1W 520nm 2x 26650 or 2x 18650 Lio-ion batteries?
  12. BillyBob

    Parts for a host

    Hey I am planning to make a 520nm 200-300mW using this host Black WF-501B Shell/Casing - $4.75 : Budget Beams LLC and the heatsink WF501B Heatsink - $5.50 : Budget Beams LLC and of course a PLP520-B1 for $115 from DTR. Will I also need the 501B Driver pill - $2.99 : Budget Beams LLC?
  13. BillyBob

    520nm laser build help

    Hey I am planning to build a 520nm 200mW laser using one of DTR's https://sites.google.com/site/dtrlpf/home/diodes/osram-plp520 at $115.My question is would this host work? Survival Laser C6 Host Assembly And how would I put the module inside of it. Thanks in advance! Im assuming you just press...
  14. BillyBob

    Laser just died

    Hey I bought a 445nm 1600mW from laserbtb 3 or weeks ago I stopped playing with because I had some important stuff to do so I left it inside the case it came in. I decided to start it up today and it didn't work so I went to check if my batteries are fully charged put them in and still nothing...
  15. BillyBob

    Diode lense

    Hey this is probably a stupid question I am planning to buy a NDB7A75 450nm Laser Diode from DTR and a 405-G-2 Glass Lens W/Focus Ring. How would I put the Diode in the lens? And solder leads to the diode?
  16. BillyBob

    3.5W diode and driver

    Hey I have been looks at this diode for a while really tempted to buy it. https://sites.google.com/site/dtrlpf/home/diodes/ndb7a75-3-5w-445nm-diodes I was wondering what would be the better lens to use. Also a host that could be left on for a minute or so.
  17. BillyBob

    Laserbtb batteries

    Hey I am planning to buy this laser PL 405/445nm 500-2000mW 1600mw. What battery should I use 18650 or 2 16340?
  18. BillyBob

    Looking for this host

    Does anybody know where I can buy laserbtb's PL host?
  19. BillyBob

    Laser host and module help

    Hey just bought these 532nm 200mW Solid Green Laser Diode Module w H Heatsink | eBay and the host DIY Test Laser Torcstlye Hosts for 12x60mm Laser Module | eBay I know I over payed for it don't really care that much. I know I have to remove the top part of the module but was wondering if I...
  20. BillyBob

    Need a bit of help

    Would this 532nm 200mW Green Laser Diode Module | eBay fit in this Survival Laser C6 Host Assembly host? And what heat sink would I want?