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  1. Jimmymcjimthejim

    90W 905nm Laser Diode for $23

    Yes, you read that correctly. 90 watts. Get it tomorrow for $23: https://www.arrow.com/en/products/splpl90-3/osram-opto-semiconductors It seems that these diodes are used for lidar and rangefinding. Any ideas what else they could be used for? Any crystals that can be pumped with this? The...
  2. Jimmymcjimthejim

    Low-dropout driver for reds

    Greetings, I want to build a red laser using a single Li-Ion (4.2V) battery. A LM317-style driver would work great if the dropout voltage wasn't so high. I'd like for the current to be adjustable from 0-150mA. I'm using an Opnext 638nm diode which has a Vf of 2.6V at 150ma. So the dropout...
  3. Jimmymcjimthejim

    HeNe Rainbow

    I'll let the pictures do the explaining... :p ...Let's just say I got lucky finding the orange one ;)
  4. Jimmymcjimthejim

    The Audiograph - Laser Audio Visualizer

    NzmxycyEUDY Built by me. Let me know if you have any questions! Grant
  5. Jimmymcjimthejim

    Dual Red/Green Portable HeNe + Mode Hop

    Thought you guys might find this interesting. The Engineer's Cove: Twin HeNe's Enjoy!
  6. Jimmymcjimthejim


    The Engineer's Cove: The magic box Animation + Spirograph = Spiromation I sure had fun making them.
  7. Jimmymcjimthejim

    Reeled in a TV!

    Greetings fellow plebeians of the forum, I was biking home from school today when I feasted my eyes upon the mother of all manly televisions. This was no ordinary specimen, and I could tell that it would find my garage to be a cozier home than the curb. Nevertheless, I called up some local...
  8. Jimmymcjimthejim

    Solar Color Dust, "photochromic" pigment

    Looks interesting, someone should try it out. With a 405nm laser: PJDDhVdqRg4 With a blacklight: RALSJb35TW4 Website: Solar Color Dust.com Just spreading a discovery :whistle:
  9. Jimmymcjimthejim

    Micro-sized LOC build, with enthusiasm!

    Here we go, off with another ingenious build by me. So before I lose your attention already, here are some pictures: As with my other Micro-Sized build, (which can be found here!) this build uses the same host, however, there are some major differences. We all know that IR Laser Diodes are...
  10. Jimmymcjimthejim

    GreeNe on Ebay (sold)

    MELLES GRIOT 05-LGR-120 GREEN HENE LASER & POWER SUPPLY - eBay (item 180520840267 end time Jun-21-10 15:17:39 PDT) Seems like a good deal. Edit: Sold!
  11. Jimmymcjimthejim

    Micro-sized custom IR build at 1050mA

    This is a laser that I completed a few months ago, but never had an opportunity to present it to the forum. The laser is housed in a laser made for an airsoft gun. I gutted the internals and drilled out the tailcap and head to fit the components. It uses a standard Aixiz module drilled out for...
  12. Jimmymcjimthejim

    CNI makes 589nm handheld lasers!

    Through the other thread I noticed that CNI makes 589nm handheld lasers, in both pen style and portable style. The interesting thing is that the maximum power CNI makes is 80mW for the 589nm version, along with how in the datasheet it says that the 589nm wavelength is much brighter than the...
  13. Jimmymcjimthejim

    Protected 10440 Batteries

    DealExtreme: $5.08 TrustFire Protected 10440 "600mAh" 3.7V Rechargeable Li-Ion Batteries (2-Pack) Haven't seen these before.
  14. Jimmymcjimthejim

    Another Handheld HeNe Pointer

    Lasermed LP-1 1mW HeNe Helium Neon Laser Phototherapy - eBay (item 220496222495 end time Oct-26-09 18:10:19 PDT) I will not be bidding on this. Just a nice and rare find. Enjoy!
  15. Jimmymcjimthejim

    Why do LPC diodes hate me?

    Ok, this is really pissing me off. I recently had 4 (yes, that's right) LPC diodes fail on me. No clue why. I've been doing this for over a year now so I know how to build lasers, but this is supremely confusing me. Two of the diodes, when first extracted from the sled, powered up with a strange...
  16. Jimmymcjimthejim

    Handheld HeNe Pointer

    HeNe Laser Pointer Handheld Helium-Neon not laser diode - eBay (item 160362497182 end time Sep-20-09 15:11:03 PDT)
  17. Jimmymcjimthejim

    Why is my LOC diode broken?

    Edit: After a long and friendly conversation with BobBoyce over Laserchat, it seems the problem was identified. Key points are pasted from the chat log: (12:23:35 AM) BobBoyce: the oc could just have indium splash on it causing the output malfunction if you have a reflow station and a good...
  18. Jimmymcjimthejim

    Need a custom aluminum heatsink.

    Offer taken by MISTERWILLING. Thanks! Very simple, no need to get fancy here. I need two of these: The hole should be centered for an Aixiz module press-fit. No set screw is needed. The heatsink is not going to be seen so looks don't matter. PM me for offers. I'm looking at around $20 for...
  19. Jimmymcjimthejim

    Safety First! Look before lighting any fireworks

    BYc26WC4oYg Just kidding ;)
  20. Jimmymcjimthejim

    Hastily made cleveland tourism video

    Quoted: "The Cleveland Tourism Board gave me 14 million dollars about 8 months ago to make a promotional video to bring people to Cleveland. As usual, I waited till the last minute and I ended up having to shoot and edit it in about an hour yesterday afternoon. I probably should have invested...