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    Alternate Culminating Lens For Rile 1.5W

    Hello, recently I realized that my rifle had a few specs on the culmination lens obscuring parts of the beam. I tried to clean it with isopropl alcohol and a air compressor. In short the lens got screwed up. I would like to know if there is a culminating lens that I could buy that will replace...
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    lazerer & paypal

    Ok, I ordered from the lazerer website and an email saying "Your order has been recieved and will be processed once payment has been confirmed" How do I confirm the payment?
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    expedited shipping from lazerer

    If I paid extra for expedited shipping from lazerer, APPROXIMATLY how long would it take for me to recieve my laser?
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    Why does WL claim to have the brightest and most powerful lasers?

    I won't lie, when I was first interested in lasers WL captivated me with their claims and their lasers. Now I realize their lasers are nothing compared to other companies and some of the lasers people are building on these forums. Their hosts are nice, I just wanna know why they sell overpriced...
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    Multiple Diode laser

    Me and some of my collegues are thinking about creating a laser that features more than 1 diode. Where planning to achieve this by placing the diodes at the back of a large host and then using mirrors to direct each of the diode beams into a master pump focusing lens producing a stronger, more...
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    Has anyone brought the: "RIFLE 445nm 1.5W laser?

    I'm thinking of buying the 1.5W RIFLE laser pointer from laserer. I'm wondering if anyone has brought it any could give me a quick review or their opinion it. Additionally, any information and/or opinions on this purchase as well as how I could make shipping it to the U.S. less of a hassle would...
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    HELLO my name is: The Incident Photon

    Greeting from Illinois. My "name" is The Incident Photon. I've grown up in the U.S. all my life and currently I'm in college studying to become an electrical and computer engineer. In addition to this, I do Division 1 swimming. Recently I had to work with something related to a CNC machine that...