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    Oh Good Lord, youtube video of a kid wrecking his eyes

    I came across this video today. It is of a young kid, who should definitely not have these lasers, "reviewing" some WLs, including the E3 advertised as 300mw. He purposely reflects them off of a mirror onto his face, and past his eyes. Its painful to watch. ‪Wicked Lasers Review‬‏ - YouTube...
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    My homebrew SLR microscope

    Hey guys So I was just messing around with some of my Nikor SLR lenses, and discovered a longer focal length peering through a reversed lower focal length resulted in high magnification. I decided to see what 400mm peering through 17mm would do. The result was wonderful. Extreme...
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    123 batteries "Do not use in flashlights"?

    I bought a pair of rechargeable 123 3v batteries for my Spartan, but I just noticed that it says "Not for use in flashlights" on the package. Why is this? Can I really not use them?
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    [Updated] Dragon Laser Spartan 400mw 447nm Review

    Hello everyone. This is my first review, so be nice! My Dragon Lasers Spartan 400mw blue arrived today after a 3+week wait. Most of that time was spent in customs in New York. If you order something from DL, it might be worth it to ask if you can upgrade to UPS or Fedex or something. Mine was...
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    Laser effects on skin

    Let me start by saying that I have always been a "take one for the sake of curiosity" guy. So I was playing with my 130mw WL green and a magnifying glass the other night, and decided to expose the skin on the side of my hand to the focal point for different amounts of time. Now, a week later...