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  1. CynicalBrad

    Why I haven't been active lately.

    For those that may care, I haven't been very active this year so far. Last year, November 5th, I hurt my back at work and it has not made any progress on healing, if anything it is getting worse. I am out of work due to it, not getting anything for workers comp, (about to be retaining an...
  2. CynicalBrad

    Us to AUS shipping time question.

    I sold a few of my lasers, one of them ending up on it's way to australia as of October 12th. As of today, October 26th, it has still not arrived at it's destination. The package was shipped via first class international which gave no delivery window and unknown to me at the time, no tracking...
  3. CynicalBrad

    FS: Sanwu Challenger 405nm

    The time has come for me to part with some of my collection. They are currently doing nothing but collecting dust and holding my desk down so I decided it is time to let some of them find a new home. That and I need to do some preventative maintenance on that car in my profile picture. The two...
  4. CynicalBrad

    477nm Streamlight Microstream

    So... Shotgundrums posted the following which got me drooling: 520 Streamlight I saw this and immediately knew I needed to have something in this host and thus this beauty was born. 477nm goodness in the smallest host I have ever worked with. Also the hardest build I have done thus far...
  5. CynicalBrad

    Laserlands 520nm laser power modification (yep, a complex pot mod)

    First off, I would highly recommend against doing this due to the extreme risk of ruining your unit. That aside, this is a short guide on where to drill into these laserlands 520nm units to access the potentiometer for those that have the newer thread-locked units. I recommended to laserlands...
  6. CynicalBrad

    Need advice on 50mW 589nm spartan issue.

    I finally managed to save up and get myself a 50mW rated spartan which arrived on 2/14/17 and from the beginning noticed it dims VERY quickly. Most runs have it dimming at around 30 seconds into the run. I am wondering whether this is completely normal for these when rated 50mW or whether I...
  7. CynicalBrad

    Need source for 425nm diode.

    I am wondering if anyone has a source of single "low" priced N!CH!A NDV4A16E diodes. I want to do a pen build with one sometime this year after I acquire my tax return laser but can't find any of these diodes anywhere or any information beyond the datasheet for them. I vaguely recall seeing...
  8. CynicalBrad

    Can't decide on whether to build a direct diode green.

    I cannot decide whether I would like these relatively new direct green diodes. First some backstory: I have been around since the era where everyone was going crazy over KES-xxx and PHR-803T diodes, all the way to the c@s|0 m-140 era "blue" diodes, then the PL450B singlemode "blue" diodes. I...