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    Homemade Nd: YAG Laser

    If you saw my previous thread, you know I have been working on building an Nd: YAG laser. It's completed now just as I go off to college. I don't have any pictures on this laptop so just watch the youtube video I made: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1Irr6munwdU
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    Road to Homemade Nd: YAG

    This project will not be completed until I determine how I will make a pumping chamber. I am pushing the lamp I have slightly, but this is not worrisome. Theoretically, I would only need around 8mJ of energy to reach threshold (If the system were 100% efficient, this means I need at least 8mJ...
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    Nd: YAG Laser Help

    I'm looking to start a project building a YAG laser. I do not know a few things though: what percent transmission output mirror to use, distance of the mirrors from the rod, size of flash lamp needed, and any information about the circuit needed to create the pulse (not looking to have pulses...
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    What switches are best for laser drivers? Would a two-prong switch or a three-prong/rocker switch be best? Any help is greatly appreciated.:thanks:
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    This is well-known I'm sure, but on the SXD, a wire is shown being soldered to the "enable" pin after removing a resistor. What should this wire be connected to? Any help will be greatly appreciated.
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    NUBM08 Beamshots/Burning

    Thought I'd make a video of the NUMB08. For whatever reason the IPhone camera picks up the color as a bluish-violet. It's actually a lighter blue. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8kESFa6cSlI
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    NUBM08 Beamshots/Burning

    Thought I'd make a video of the NUMB08. For whatever reason the IPhone camera picks up the color as almost a violet color. It's actually a lighter blue. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8kESFa6cSlI
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    Laser diode burnout

    I recently bought a NUBM08 laser module. When I supply power to it, it seems like the initial spot is slightly larger and brighter than it is after say a half a second after being turned on. I am thinking this is just how these drivers work, but I'm unsure and hoping this guy isn't slowly...
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    Best Red Diodes?

    The hype is all over the blue, green, and violet lasers, neglecting the ol' red laser. I find the red lasers to be very amazing (the color and extremely thin beams of the single mode diodes) and I am trying to find the best diodes I could get my hands on (in terms of power, divergence, and beam...
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    445nm 1W+ Dangers

    I have been researching some of the dangers of blue light/lasers. Before I began researching this, I would often put my hand into the beam of the laser for brief moments until I felt a heating sensation/pinch (I would allow my hand to be in the beam for a maximum of 2 or 3 seconds, being very...
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    Capacitors and Potentiometers

    In building a driver circuit, how is the capacitor needed calculated? Also, how low in resistance can a potentiometer go? If I have a 100ohm potentiometer, what is the lowest resistance it can give? Thanks
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    Alkaline Problems

    I recently built a 1W+ blue laser. The diode I used is an Osram Pltb450b. My driver ideally outputs 1.25 amps, but I have run into a problem: the amperage dropping. I am using 6 AA batteries in series, and the amperage significantly drops after a total of 20 minutes of use (not one session)...
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    Mitsubishi LPC-826

    Anyone know if the Mitsubishi LPC-826 laser diode is single mode?