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  1. PolarAZ

    PL-E Mini 1w 520nm First Impressions

    WOW! This thing is built unbelievably well. Host quality knocks it out of the park. The laser is VERY bright and doesn't have half bad divergence. I'll include a few pictures with a sanwu 5w 470nm and a lazerer 400mw 532nm. The hill in the pictures is roughly 1 mile away.
  2. PolarAZ

    Sanwu Spiker 5w 470nm

    Finally received this crazy handheld laser from sanwu about a week ago and I am very impressed. Obviously it's crazy bright and burns like a champ. The host quality is much better than expected and I was expecting border line perfection. The host is MASSIVE and built very well. Very visible beam...
  3. PolarAZ

    Lazerer lzsk 532nm 400mw issues

    Hello LPF! Believe it or not this is my 3rd lazerer 400mw "stick" laser I've owned. I've bought and sold 2 and kept this one for the long haul because It was such a well made unit to me. I bought this laser back when lazerer was the #1 reccomended company on this forum. Some 5 years ago. Long...
  4. PolarAZ

    1.2 Watt "Blue Ice" Laser

    Just a few shots I took of the laser today. I'm loving this thing so far! Laser Itself Beamshots My Favorite :beer:
  5. PolarAZ

    Help buying 532 and 445

    Hi so here's the current situation i'm in. I placed an order for a lzsk "stick" green laser in the 400mw form on 7/12. I was also planning on ordering a lzsk blue laser in 1200 mw. Both from laserer.com. Well almost a month later the green is still processing due to issues with the lasers max...
  6. PolarAZ

    Newbies First Review 405nm

    Hi everybody! So i'm new to the forum and relatively new to laser pointers but i think i've gathered enough info to collaborate something worth reading haha. To date the brightest laser i have owned or seen in person is a 55mw green "VIPER" from dragonlasers. (I do have a 400mw green "stick" in...