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    Anyone who experienced Oxlaser 0x-bx9 from Aliexpress?

    Are you saying you had bad customer service from them, or asking if anyone else has??/
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    laserpointer seller search

    50 milliwatts perhaps, not 50 watts...
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    Does Your Red Laser 301 Burn?

    Yeah, the Chinese aren't well known for "truth in advertising" Its not a great burner by any means but will draw smoke on dark colored material at times.. My Dinsom blue burning laser has a warning label power < 5 mw, lol. Even with a couple more 0's wouldn't be accurate.
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    Does Your Red Laser 301 Burn?

    I'm guessing thats a no...
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    New styropyro video.

    Seriously crazy laser cannon. Awesome video
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    Does Your Red Laser 301 Burn?

    I didn't really think the laser 301's were "that" powerful. However, it will burn very dark colored material, rubber, some plastic, leather, paper. I guess not really burning as much as smoldering and making it smoke It will burn, slightly melt the blue colored NERF darts. It won't burn my...
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    Laser power

    Dangerously, blazing bright..
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    Blue Laser Focusing/Beam Shaping

    Mine has a lens in the removable crown, You can rotate it and focus is "ok" up close. No bueno as you say at distance.
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    Unbranded laser pointers question regarding power output

    Yeah its a blue one "Dinsom" brand Was one of those bundle things. Laser, aluminum case, star caps, 2 batteries, charger, "safety" glasses.
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    Unbranded laser pointers question regarding power output

    Cheap Chinese lasers seem to be notoriously underrated. I have a Dinsom brand Amazon laser, has a warning sticker says less than 5mw. Lol this thing will burn easily out to 3 feet or so. Would blind you instantly if you got the beam in your eye.. Is no joke for a 45 dollar laser...
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    Blue Laser Focusing/Beam Shaping

    I have blue Dinsom Amazon laser. I sure its a Chinese "clone" of something Its one of the "50.00 dollar" laser kits with the laser, aluminum box, some star caps, 2 16340 batteries and a cheap pair of laser glasses. What is available to better focus and or shape the beam. While it will...
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    Zeus Laser

    Man they do look nice. I see several I like..
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    Help With 2 Dead Lasers

    I have a couple power supplies, just not adjustable, I could probably whip something up easily enough though. Meh, can buy an adjustable for less than 30.00 shipped, not worth messing around trying to put one together.,
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    Help With 2 Dead Lasers

    I don't have an adjustable supply. I don't plan on re-using the diodes or drivers. The laser 301 is toast after "disassembly" The other laser host/handle is actually pretty nice and would make a nice start to a homemade laser. My ebay seller sent me two new operational lasers, the...
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    Help With 2 Dead Lasers

    I received a couple dead lasers on Ebay. A SolidKraft clone with a purple laser emitter and a laser 301 with a red emitter. Both are dead, I don't know yet if the diodes are dead or the drivers are dead. I disassembled the purple laser and have the diode/driver assembly removed. Has anyone had...