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    free salamander fur

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    Laser pointer travelling faster than the speed of light?

    Yes, you assumed correctly.
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    What else can you do with a Co2 rust removing laser?

    I see after a further search there are rust removing machines outputting at that wavelength
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    What else can you do with a Co2 rust removing laser?

    From what I have read these rust removing lasers are Co2. They range in output from 20W-2000W operating as pulsed and/or continuous modes. Wavelength is 10,600nm.
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    What else can you do with a Co2 rust removing laser?

    Some impressive things.
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    What's the smallest spot diameter at 2000m distance that $5000 will buy ?

    Something I read long ago. To get a small spot, spread the beam, then focus the beam.
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    ebay laser diode in "glass packaging"?

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    How long will 2x 16340's batteries @700mAh each produce a good beam before power drops off?

    Your question is impossible to answer, except to say somewhere between X time - X time.
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    Does Monazite fluoresce under UV light?

    I've some fluorite that fluoresces a weak orange
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    Does Monazite fluoresce under UV light?

    That glow was just scattered laser light.
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    Does Monazite fluoresce under UV light?

    I've a class 3b 405nm laser. I have found many things that fluorese under that wavelength. Even found some rocks that are phosphorescent or thermoluminesent. They glow orange. Even old white paint glows a pale bluish white. Old cement same color as the paint.
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    create a cirlce from laser point without a motor

    An Axicon lens will do what you want.
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    Beam Shaping Webinar

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    Recommendation for K9 use

    Your post is suspect. In other words I doubt you are in law enforcement.
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    How does one slow down the travel path of light?

    Light in a vacuum travels at C. Light passing through a transparent material travels less than C. This is how you slow the speed of light. Video it at 10 trillion FPS.
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    Finally... I own a 2W 577nm!

    What are the beam specs?
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    Sanwu Lasers - Offical thread

    Your assumption is correct.
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    Sanwu Lasers - Offical thread

    The city Shanghai is in a Covid lock down. The very same city where Sanwu Lasers is located.
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    Edmund Optics Laser crystals and coatings webinar

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    Newb from Greece