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  1. OldNo7

    China has put laser tech on the restricted exports list

    I wonder how this will affect us here. What patents does China own that have to do with Lasers? Should I bite the bullet and buy a cheap laser cutter/engraver now while I still can? Or will these type of things be unaffected...
  2. OldNo7

    Helios - Open source, low cost DAC

    I just looked and the datasheet for the ATSAM4S2B does have a timing diagram that shows the pin toggle during a watchdog timeout. It doesn't mention it occuring anywhere else. However if the DAC doesn't have a reset or clear pin than it doesn't really matter. I just purchased one from...
  3. OldNo7

    Helios - Open source, low cost DAC

    The question I had was if a watchdog reset occurs does it drive the reset pin low? If so then you can/should tie it to the reset pin on the external DAC (with a pull up resistor). So that the lasers shut off as soon as reset starts.
  4. OldNo7

    Helios - Open source, low cost DAC

    On another note have you looked at LaserShark and OpenLase? LaserShark also uses LibUsb. It may be worth porting his jack host app to work with your DAC in order making it compatible with the OpenLase framework as well. LaserShark OpenLase
  5. OldNo7

    Helios - Open source, low cost DAC

    Yeah 16 seconds is way more time than you should ever need. Measure the time it takes to execute your main loop then add some buffer in case any interupts occur. Just make sure you reset the watchdog at the begining of the loop. Yes, It would be better to use an external watchdog chip. For one...
  6. OldNo7

    Helios - Open source, low cost DAC

    Like a watchdog timer. You could add a watchdog timer chip and tied it's reset to both the micro and the DAC. However that being a hardware change maybe it would be best suited for version 2. The atmel does have an internal watchdog that can be used to reset the micro but I don't know if that...
  7. OldNo7

    My futur laser show RGB

    Your looking for ILDA files? Or some software that can database IlDA files/frames? If your looking for ILDA files I'm posted some on bitbucket. Bitbucket is a source code repository (keeps a history of file changes so you can later undo bad changes). You can download the files by clicking the...
  8. OldNo7

    Lumia rig buildout vids

    I can't believe I haven't seen this one before. Thanks Hak
  9. OldNo7

    Beautiful RGB Laser Patterns

    Is that just aluminium foil as the last mirror? Can't believe I never thought to do that. +1 to you sir
  10. OldNo7

    want to convert your image to ILDA?

    +1 for the generous offer from magus. If your image is in a vector format already there's a python script that comes with OpenLase that does a good job of converting SVG files to Ilda. One of our forum members converted it to a web app. SVG to Ilda
  11. OldNo7

    FS:LPM's added!+A140 445 diodes

    I'll take one. PM incoming
  12. OldNo7

    3D printable mirror mounts

    Just realized I never answered your question. The model just has the holes so you would need to (may need to drill them larger first) tap them for the threads your using. Harbor Freight has a cheap tap and die set
  13. OldNo7

    More 3D Printable Parts

    I bought the Prusa i3v 8" from Makerfarm. It was $650 when I got it now it's $540 Makerfarm Prusa i3v 8"
  14. OldNo7

    More 3D Printable Parts

    Open-Source 3D-Printable Optics Equipment Including Filter Wheel changer, Lab Jack, filter holders, chopper wheels and more. Some of these could be very useful in a projector (like the filter wheel) others could be used in a lab setup.
  15. OldNo7

    3D printable mirror mounts

    Like I said when I first made this I couldn't find them for cheaper than $25/ea. I figured I should share them anyway.
  16. OldNo7

    3D printable mirror mounts

    When I first started creating my projector I found these mounts but they cost $25 each. So I decided to make a 3D model and print my own. They may drift over time since they aren't metal. How much probably depends on the material you use to print them. You'll need to tap the holes for the...
  17. OldNo7

    PERMANENT THREAD: Ebay& other internet FINDS of interest- read all the OP please sub

    Re: PERMANENT THREAD: Ebay& other internet FINDS of interest- read all the OP please Possible 445 diode source. I don't have the money right now or I would pick it up myself. Even if you sold the diodes for only $10-15/ea you should be able to get your $$ back ebay - A140 Projector I would...
  18. OldNo7

    LasershowGen - ILDA file creation tool

    Re: ildaGen - ILDA file creation tool If I buy it now at $9.99 I can get updates including bug fixes and upgrades? So it's like an early user incentive? That's great. Too often do I see beta or even alpha versions of software sold only to require another purchase once the programmer has...
  19. OldNo7

    Laser Projector - Finished

    Re: Laser Projector - Building phase You don't need the show card. In my projector I placed the DAC internally with just a USB and power cable connection. Most projectors have the DAC external to the projector and would then use something like a show card to connect the projector to DAC.
  20. OldNo7

    Hobby Grade Laser Beam Profiler

    I know this post is a little old but have you tried Open Beam Profiler