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  1. pnjunction

    FS: Dragon Lasers 1W 447nm Spartan Handheld

    Hmm...thanks for the response. If I'm asking too much, then I guess I paid WAY too much.
  2. pnjunction

    FS: Dragon Lasers 1W 447nm Spartan Handheld

    Alright, I'm having to remove this ad because I continue to get negative feedback for a previous thread. I don't want to end up banned from this forum and be unable to remove this post. It doesn't look like this will sell anyways. I suppose I'll keep it. I'm done with this forum after the way...
  3. pnjunction

    Shipping in the US

    No, I consider it rude when people derail threads. My thread was about shipping. I consider it VERY rude to come into my thread, ignore my question, and ask for pictures. I consider it rude for you to say I have no right to stand up for myself in my own thread. All of my responses you would...
  4. pnjunction

    Shipping in the US

    Irrelevant. I have not posted it for sale. I've only inquired about shipping.
  5. pnjunction

    Shipping in the US

    Thanks for the responses. I was wondering why some people mailed them disassembled, and I wasn't going to try to disassemble mine.
  6. pnjunction

    Shipping in the US

    No. My post was about shipping. Please stick to the topic.
  7. pnjunction

    Shipping in the US

    I've got a 1W 447nm Dragonlasers handheld laser I've been trying to sell locally, to no avail. You'd think with the millions of people around my city, there'd be someone that wants it. But no dice. Anyways, I'm guessing this is not the sort of thing that's safe to post on ebay and I worry about...
  8. pnjunction

    Spartan 150mw or Hulk 150mw

    I just spoke to Frank at DL and he said they're out of the Hulks and they won't be getting any more anytime soon. They also recently dropped the prices on the analogous Spartans because of that. So go with the Spartan =)
  9. pnjunction

    Safety Glasses FTW

    I was testing beam transmission through a translucent medium and as soon as I turned the laser on, the dot landed right on the center of my safety glasses. If I hadn't had them on, I would have had a beam right in the eye. So wear your glasses =)
  10. pnjunction

    Do you carry your laser as self defense at night?

    I hope a month is not too long to bring back a thread, but this is always an important subject. I think it's a bad idea to carry high powered lasers for self defense. I also don't think carrying a firearm is a good idea in most situations. At least in the US, there's just too much liability for...
  11. pnjunction

    A Plea for EYE Safety!!

    There are a couple links in this thread to goggles by OEMLaserSystems, but neither link worked for me. Can anyone else verify these are broken links?
  12. pnjunction

    Never ever ever.......

    This is a good watch: The Diving Bell and the Butterfly (2007) - IMDb
  13. pnjunction

    Wicked- What exactly is wrong with them?

    I'd go with this: Viper Series 95mW Green Laser Pointer :: Green Laser Pointer ----- 532nm Laser ----- Viper Series Lasers :: Handheld Lasers :: Dragon Lasers I can't tell you about Wicked Lasers, other than the wait can be long. I ordered an E2 from them in December just to see what they were...
  14. pnjunction

    WTB: Wicked lasers Executive 15mw

    What wavelength? I personally love the quality of CNI lasers. I have a WL pointer on order, but I've never actually used any of their products. If you can't find anyone on here willing to sell one, give Dragon Lasers a try. Their stuff is CNI and top notch and they guarantee delivery. Viper...
  15. pnjunction

    Case for Dragon Lasers Spartan

    I picked up this case today: FRYS.com | Network Test Accessories The slimmer right side pouch fits the Spartan perfectly. The wider left side pouch holds the Tenergy CR123 charging base and AC adapter perfectly. I spent quite a while looking around for cases, even considering one of those hard...
  16. pnjunction

    How to cancel order from wicked?

    I almost forgot I placed an order for an E2 from Wicked back in December. I never heard word-one from them after I placed the order. What's their shipping time like? Perhaps I'd be better off canceling my order, too.
  17. pnjunction

    Why does it have to be WICKED that comes up with cool hosts!?!

    I've never been one for flash. I really enjoy durable-looking, elegant, and simplistic designs. This is one reason I stick with Thinkpads for laptops. I'd like to see a laser housing that's just a plain black round cylinder with the same coating they use on the tops of Thinkpads. If it needs...
  18. pnjunction

    20 Ways To Handle Class 3b & 4 Laser Light

    Since the original post was deleted, I can't know for sure what was said. But I've read all the posts in this thread, as well as searched for other threads on my topic of interest, and to no avail. I would like to know the potential dangers from looking at the dot/beam from 100mW and 1W lasers...
  19. pnjunction

    Dragon Lasers 1W Spartan

    Thanks for this thread. I saw some green Tenergy rechargeables at the local store, but they said LiFePo on them like the yellow ones you reviewed.
  20. pnjunction

    Store with batteries?

    For those of you with battery-powered lasers, do you store them with or without the batteries? Thanks.