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  1. KrowBar

    Multiple cube beam combiner "it can be done"..... Has anyone seen this article?

    Re: Multiple cube beam combiner "it can be done"..... Has anyone seen this article? I have been unable to locate the original post or article you are referring to. PBS cubes can only combine 2 beams. It is possible with very tight control of polarity, and amplitude to combine phase controlled...
  2. KrowBar

    Tesla Coil Build Thread

    I don't have access to the coil ATM. It's in another state in my brother-in-law's shed. I decided it wasn't worth moving with me the last time a moved 2 years ago. It has some gouges/chips in the poly coating - 1 of which is all the way through to the coil form and has spread the nearby...
  3. KrowBar

    Tesla Coil Build Thread

    Hi all. I'm currently in the process of gathering components (hoarding more junk to keep us from using the garage- my wife says) for a largish DRSSTC. My 4hv application is still waiting in someone's mailbox somewhere, but this looks like a decent place to post about the project. I am a bit...
  4. KrowBar

    Sanwu 405 nm One Watt

    I'm going to go ahead and cast 1 vote for NOT pointing a 1 watt laser at your face - focused or not. A UV flashlight at lower power will do the trick.
  5. KrowBar

    Hey!! just become part of the community

    I couldn't resist responding to the irony in that post :) I forgot that sometimes we spell things differently in the states where it is spelled "acquire", although I'm pretty sure in that case the spelling came that way from our English ancestors. Have you decided yet on the PLE-pro? I have...
  6. KrowBar

    Hey!! just become part of the community

    aquire? spelt? :cryyy:
  7. KrowBar

    Focusing at long distance

    I'd just like to point out that there appears to be some confusion in some of the middle responses to this post. The primary purpose of the beam expander is to increase the diameter of the beam to reduce divergence. While this does lower the power density of a beam focused to infinity, it also...
  8. KrowBar

    First build-need some power supply advice

    The driver supplies a constant current at whatever voltage drop the load requires to draw that current. If you are concerned because the voltage drop on your LED is higher than that of the laser diode you plan to use, then your LED might not have been an appropriate test load. You could try...
  9. KrowBar

    Hey!! just become part of the community

    It sounds like you are referring to the apparent brightness of different wavelengths. The beam of a green laser will be visible/brighter at a lower power than a blue or red laser. That doesn't make it more powerful or more able to do damage or burn things, but makes it more likely to cause...
  10. KrowBar

    ordered from wickedlasers dec 2014 comes aug 2015 un paid for..

    I'm 99% certain from the way you have described the situation, that you will not be charged for the laser. As some others have said , it looks like you've got a free laser, but it's kind of a stolen laser if you didn't pay for it. The correct thing to do is try your best to get them to issue...
  11. KrowBar

    Hey!! just become part of the community

    Welcome Al. I can't speak for the laser you intend to purchase since I don't own one myself, but just getting your first visible beam laser is quite an experience. I'm sure you will eventually enjoy building custom hosts if you have some machining experience (and access to a mill and lathe)...
  12. KrowBar

    mirrors, gratings and the glass sphere

    Does anybody else feel like Bruce's photos make all the other beamshots we see seem a bit .. bleh?
  13. KrowBar

    I am new, LOL just found this section.

    I'm pretty sure that pro gamers play games for a living. See professional:engaged in a specified activity as one's main paid occupation rather than as a pastime. Although having a second source of reliable income isn't a bad idea. Once you get the chance to take some computer science courses...
  14. KrowBar

    IMREN IMR 32650 3.7v 5000mAh Li-Mn Batteries, opinions?

    No - IMREN are quality cells. [Edit] Check out what the vape/e-cig crowd uses for high discharge cells to get a feel for what you can trust. The consensus right now seems to be that IMREN perform well in high drain applications. That being said, you will also see that they aren't the top...
  15. KrowBar

    First build! Nintendo Power!

    I'm pretty sure that Vortish was just giving you some useful pointers on appropriate behavior for the forum (probably good tips for any forum). Your first day on a new job you wouldn't walk in drunk and start unplugging peoples computers and then defend your actions by claiming you don't know...
  16. KrowBar

    Laser 303 dimming.

    I still wouldn't rule out a battery issue. A decent 18650 battery could cost close to what those ebay lasers sell for, so you are likely getting a fake battery (by fake, I mean if you cut open the cylinder you will find a tiny little battery and then some kind of filler to make it seem like the...
  17. KrowBar

    Magnifying glasses

    There are certainly differences between the light from the sun and that from a laser, some of which tend to make the laser light more dangerous. On the other hand, looking at the sun hasn't ever been good for the eyes either. The main reason that your eyes aren't as likely to be damaged by...
  18. KrowBar

    When collections collide

    So have they mated yet and produced any offspring? I thinks that's what we are all hoping to see. A double edged butterfly laser.
  19. KrowBar

    Want to build a flashlight...a BIG flashlight!!!

    18 26650 IMR's in series makes for a nice ~ 4lb battery pack - completely doable. I don't however have any suggestions for a constant current driver that will handle that. I do really want to see this flashlight bazooka done. Keep us updated.
  20. KrowBar

    First 445nm laser

    Unfortunately you haven't given us enough information to be of much help to you. To focus your laser you will need to place a collimating lens the correct distance (approximately the focal length of the lens) from the diode emitter. You might try flipping the lens around if the current...