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    Hey Guys! Just Checking In!

    Thanks NRG! You too! I was hoping for specific seller info because there are so many sellers and results vary. But I found Pman's post from forever ago so I think I'll just order up a 3 pack for 13 C:
  2. K

    Hey Guys! Just Checking In!

    Hey guys. It's been a little while as college has been heavy. I thought I'd stop by and say hello and I hope you all have had a great holiday! (for those who celebrate) I miss the community aspect of the hobby but I still have my lasers C: In the meantime, I'm searching for a good Ebay pen in...
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    What happens if...?

    Yess sir. Worked disgustingly good. Puggle is safe.
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    What happens if...?

    hah. probably guys. "For 3% concentrations, a capful won't bother you but more than a few tablespoons may irritate your mouth and throat and cause abdominal pain, vomiting, and diarrhea. If the concentration is higher than 3% or you have swallowed a lot, you should see a doctor." I only asked...
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    What happens if...?

    You take a double shot of hydrogen peroxide?
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    blowing up a inflatable mannequin? using a laser

    I Third Jeffrey. I was like Double Tee Eff. But then i was completely entertained with the video. P.S. @OzLasers: i read the OP in a russian accent and it was just priceless...
  7. K

    Telescope Beam DE-expander lol

    guys, guys, its obviously a griffin... Awesome shots, my god...
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    GB: 473nm diode information / giveaway

    Ive been in school for one week guys...settle down with these new diodes :0 ;)
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    Another arrested for pointing lasers at helicopters.

    Did you guys see the most recent story?!!!!!!
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    All my lasers for sale....many good deals.

    DAMNIT! I wanted that 593.5.... -----___-----
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    At Port Aransas, Texas. Need Legal advice regarding Lasers.

    Just to clear it up, he didn't even get near any person, vehicle, airplane or inanimate object besides a star/planet. ;)
  12. K

    At Port Aransas, Texas. Need Legal advice regarding Lasers.

    Thats pretty close to Mexico, and it is a "Port" city. Just be careful. Not much i know other then the 'filth' i just spewed. I wish i had a girl i could enjoy lasering with :(
  13. K

    LaserGlow Rigel 6.

    Pretty sure they have the tightest beam and divergence compared to 589..? Could be wrong, but its from what I've gathered from pictures and descriptions. The rest of your quote makes sense though :) OH so thats what that was...Thanks for clearing that one up...
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    Help me come up with a name for an online laser store?

    You completely ignored mine :'0 (its ok ;))
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    Laser pointers in urban warfare

    Their protest wouldn't be so big anymore if that havoc slammed into the ground :FACEPALM:
  16. K

    Road Trip

    NEAT! I have a buddy that MAY be able to get quarter sticks of somethingsomethingsomethingboomsomething. Add that bad boy to the tip ;D
  17. K

    Help me come up with a name for an online laser store?

    I didnt read the whole thread, but I immediately thought of LaserGazer/LaserGazers. LG for short ;) :shhh:
  18. K

    LaserGlow Rigel 6.

    That unit has some AWESOME divergence. I can tell just from the photos. god, i want so bad, SO BAD. If i get one, i can guarantee it will be up in the BST section in a week or so. haha.
  19. K

    Have your lasers gotten you in trouble?

    we all know thats not what you meant ;D But nice save :D Edit: If someone fires upon you, in my book , its fair game if no one else is near him. Edit2:But im also a pilot, and i have perfect vision and get pissed if even a flashlight hits me in the eyes....
  20. K

    Star effects caps for LZSK 100mW Green

    Save everything just in case. best of luck to you my sir. i used to rep Lazerer, but it seems max may have hit a barrier. financial or what have you. I hope he does ok :/