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  1. Humphry

    FS: Ophir 20C Sensor w Power Supply and Heatsinking

    EDIT: See you replied via email, thanks. Hey there Scum, Did you get my message re the Sensor? Also would like to know when it was last calibrated.. I believe the readings drift off after a while. All the best :thanks:
  2. Humphry

    A laser roulette pointing to the sky

    I get why you would think it works like that, but spinning actual lasers is a much more costly way of shooting lasers on to a spinning mirror. Try this: Glue a mirror on to an old PC fan or motor and shine the laser at the mirror from close USING EYE PROTECTION. Smoke a cigarette in the room...
  3. Humphry

    Inexpensive, decent correction for 300mW Mitsubishi 635nm laser @ 94% transmission

    Hi all. Can anyone comment on the reflective efficiency of the thicker mirrors supplied with the optics set with 635nm at 45deg (as one would see in a knife-edge setup). When I turn it toward that direction it seems to reflect more yellow/green than red. Would I be better to go with the fs...
  4. Humphry

    DIY LPM "Kit" $40... Now with Calibration!

    Please PM me with calibrated LPM with TEC included, and shipping to South Africa.
  5. Humphry

    One channel of soundcard dac is getting stuck on full blast

    I built a soundcard DAC about a year ago and I must have spent over 50 hours total assembling, tweaking, re-tweaking, re-installing drivers. The newfound freshness quickly evaporated and I realised how worthwhile buying a DAC would be (even if it is iShow). Anyway I am here to help not convince...
  6. Humphry


    Thanks for your review. I just tried out QS and to be honest I found it quite limited for making laser shows. (Please no one judge me!) I am skeptical of getting a demo version of LSX from Dr Lava, right now I can't even register on his forum. Fingers crossed. QUESTIONS: 1) Does LSX offer...
  7. Humphry

    Laser lumia illuminated obelisk

    Externally. It was truly awesome, and not alone in the crazy mass of Afrikaburn artworks
  8. Humphry

    Sound Card DAC - Ideas for safety?

    My signal is NOT selected to be inverted in LFI so when I unplug the card, everything pops to max. As far as I am aware the two options each have their drawback: Non-inverted: Safe as long as the usb card stays connected Inverted: No sofware crash protection, but safe against mechanical...
  9. Humphry

    Sound Card DAC - Ideas for safety?

    My problem: Hotplugging the soundcard pushes all channels to max output The goal: To run a safe show I have tried so far: a) Relay linked to +12v and the usb 5v line ---> sucks power from USB making card useless b) Solenoid to +5v usb ---> too delayed c) Using usb 5v to power the correction amp...
  10. Humphry

    Laser lumia illuminated obelisk

    Hey Rob. I loved the obelisk. Do you remember when I came to say hi? I was the young blond guy. I would love to be involved in some sort of laser project next year for AB if you're interested. I just finished my own 1W RGB 30k scanner unit, analog controlled. Where did you get your lumina...
  11. Humphry

    Laserboy correction amp - Does it incorporate -12v for full galvo swing?

    Cool idea James, thanks! What's the story with that avatar? Its my favourite!!! I feel rather honoured that I received one of your 39 posts here on LPF. :wave: yay Love your software and I have been reading tons on the laserboy forum. Have come a long way. Long way to go. ANYWAY! QUESTION: Does...
  12. Humphry

    Laserboy correction amp - Does it incorporate -12v for full galvo swing?

    Hi Ben and thanks for the reply, as to everyone else! I decided to scrap the laserboy correction amp and use your (ben's) TL082 correction amp which you posted a while back! Thanks all for your help.
  13. Humphry

    Laserboy correction amp - Does it incorporate -12v for full galvo swing?

    Thank you so much for your reply and helping me out. #1) Which alternative IC? Would the TL082 give the improved voltage or is the TL072 fine? #2) So there is a positive and negative signal coming from one single connection which is fine BUT the galvo driver connection is as follows: (+)(G)(-)...
  14. Humphry

    Laserboy correction amp - Does it incorporate -12v for full galvo swing?

    A friend of mine says although this style correction amp uses -12v, it does not incorporate -12v (or is it -5v?) into the output, meaning your scanners will only get a positive voltage, limiting your scan angle. Is he correct? I can post the schematic but I assume someone will know this off...
  15. Humphry

    WTB: Firedragon 532nM

    Dinodirect offers $2 tracked shipping.. I *think* it applies to Netherlands? You may want to check it out. Of course you probably won't get 400+ if you order the 300. Hope this helps.
  16. Humphry

    Selling my underspec'd Dregonfire 500mw...best offer

    Thanks so much for checking it out - is that tracked?
  17. Humphry

    Selling my underspec'd Dregonfire 500mw...best offer

    Please give shipping cost to South Africa via EMS or DHL (cheapest) thanks :)
  18. Humphry

    Hey there, did you ever post a thread about that lazerer 150mw green that you modified/soldered...

    Hey there, did you ever post a thread about that lazerer 150mw green that you modified/soldered to get stability and more power?
  19. Humphry

    DEAL OF THA YR. ////all sold

    Re: DEAL OF THA YR. 532/445/635 highpowered Interested in the green. Please could you do the same as above WITH IR rilter held in front of laser.