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    COCONUTS Uranium Marble Bulk Going out of Business Opportunity SOLD OUT!

    I received mine too. Everything was packaged nicely bubble wrap everywhere. I didn't expect these things to be so heavy. Thanks again COCONUTS.
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    FS: ***Selectable test load up to 3A (assembled or DIY kit)*** IN STOCK!

    received my test loads and everything looks clean super fast shipping +1 on the alligator clips I was amped about that
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    445nm Protection

    thanks for the link I'm going to pick up a pair of these
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    445nm Protection

    Yeah I'm absolutely not gonna be working with >10W lasers Price is not too much of a concern when it comes to my vision, although these are definitely pricier than what I've seen out there. I just wanted to get something that was qaulity I will look into the pair you mentioned, do you have a...
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    445nm Protection

    ok so I've been looking for some safety glasses for a while and these caught my eye. my question is will this be the correct protection rating for a 445nm laser? 100-20-110 190-532 nm KTP and Argon Laser Safety Glasses
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    Hello from Santa Paula, CA

    Good afternoon LPF. I stumbled across this forum yesterday looking for a green laser and all I can say is WOW I am intrigued big time. I instantly created an account here and was reading the forums for hours. I like how this hobby is soo technical I've learned a lot already. My initial...