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  1. Curiously_Coherent

    Navy Laser sets ship on fire

    Hi Folks, Here's a video of a recent test the Navy did with a 15KW laser tracking a boat a mile away. Pretty amazing that it can keep the beam steady with both laser and target on a rolling sea. Their plans for the future are pretty outrageous too. Check it out: Video: Navy Laser Sets Ship...
  2. Curiously_Coherent

    Wicked gets Taiwan CGI treatment!

    Hehehe, My favourite part is where the Wicked Laser employees deflect the planet-exploding Death Star laser with the combined "might" of their Arctic beams. Too bad there wasn't a branch office on Alderan... :crackup: (Of course I'm a geek... why do you ask?) Cheers, CC
  3. Curiously_Coherent

    Wicked gets Taiwan CGI treatment!

    It looks like Wicked Lasers issue with George Lucas has received the Taiwan CGI treatment. It's hilarious... YouTube - Wicked Lasers defeats dark forces of George Lucas Cheers, CC
  4. Curiously_Coherent

    Andy's massive photo mashup (56k no no)

    Awesome as usual Andy! :thumbsup: I'm still using one of your shots as my Mac's desktop image and these are even more impressive. You, sir, are indeed an artist of the photonic sphere. Cheers, :beer: CC
  5. Curiously_Coherent

    Care and feeding of your Arctic beast

    Fire precaution is indeed very important with Lithium. I charge huge 5000mAh LiPo 4s cells for my 7-up bike light and use a LiPo-Safe fireproof bag ( Battman Li-Po Safe 30x23cm Bag ) when doing so, to contain any explosion or fire that might result from a faulty cell. I usually don't bother...
  6. Curiously_Coherent

    Care and feeding of your Arctic beast

    Thanks for the tip re: keeping the original battery. I hadn't thought of that. Retrieved it from the HazMat bin just in case. Cheers, CC
  7. Curiously_Coherent

    Care and feeding of your Arctic beast

    Great thread folks. I received my G2 a week ago and apparently have one of the unfocused ones, (massive beam, very impressive at night, but for burning, not so much...) so I'll be performing a dismantle when I have the time. BTW, I tried to order one of the Axiz focusing tools you mentioned...
  8. Curiously_Coherent

    Laser Pointers and Parenting

    The attached comic says it all... hahaha Cheers, CC
  9. Curiously_Coherent

    CO2 laser running on exhaled breath

    Hey folks, I'm not into gas myself, but this looked like a pretty interesting video about a guy who put together a DIY CO2 laser that he supplies with exhaled breath. (constant fiddling of supply valve ensues... LOL) Though you might find it interesting. This link goes to the Gizmodo article...
  10. Curiously_Coherent

    zer0 toleration for threats

    I concur that the Mods have been of great service... (Although I seem to remember a certain Timelord a few years back who let absolute power corrupt himself absolutely, so time will tell, I guess.) I actually lost count of the threats made back then... LOL Trolls aside, todays LPF is a much...
  11. Curiously_Coherent

    Member Map

    Hey folks... Don't want to be a buzz-kill or anything, but I just added myself and then explored the links in the box that pops up when you click on a marker. Did you know that if you click on your name after Updated by: it links to your other maps, which may include some personal stuff. For...
  12. Curiously_Coherent

    32 KiloWatt Laser Shoots Down Drone (VIDEO)

    Great find! That Phalanx system is pretty impressive all-around. On a nuke-powered carrier that thing could just keep on beaming from target to target. I'd hate to think what would happen to a manned aircraft... with 32kW, getting blinded would be just the beginning of the horror. :lasergun...
  13. Curiously_Coherent

    Does anyone even care about 473nm anymore?

    Although I at first bemoaned the apparent obsolescence of my RPL-30, I was quickly convinced that these cheap diodes are no replacement for the true laser hobbyist. 473nm is indeed a "collector's colour", and due to it's rarity and expense will always have intrinsic value no matter how cheap...
  14. Curiously_Coherent

    Best Video yet of NIF laser system

    Hey folks, Just spotted this great video about the laser system at the National Ignition Facility. Pretty cool animation of the most powerful laser on the planet. YouTube - How NIF Works Enjoy! Cheers, CC
  15. Curiously_Coherent

    happy birthday dave!

    Zut alors! What with all this "am I gonna get my Arctic?" nonsense, I almost missed the great Daguin's birthday thread...:worthy::bday: Bappy Hirthday fellow old fart ! Cheers, :beer: CC
  16. Curiously_Coherent

    *445nm lasers* !GB-Closed!

    Re: UPDATED cheaper 445nm lasers UPDATED You know, I haven't seen this much excitement on LPF since the first Blu-ray diodes started being murdered for science... :rolleyes: My impulse buying trigger finger is sooooo itchy. But I think I'd better just wait a week or two for the first...
  17. Curiously_Coherent

    Too Soon for Oil Spill Humor?

    I particularly liked the Kevin Costner solution... LOL My sincere condolences to any members in the affected area. This debacle is supremely tragic. Good luck, CC
  18. Curiously_Coherent

    Hey Niko, I was up on Shirt.woot buying the latest "Flash w/poison Apple" shirt when I stumbled...

    Hey Niko, I was up on Shirt.woot buying the latest "Flash w/poison Apple" shirt when I stumbled upon this periodic table shirt featuring the new element "Chucknorium"... You just gotta get one! Here's the link: Shirt.Woot : One Shirt, No Shoes, No Service (SM) Pretty reasonable price too...
  19. Curiously_Coherent

    LOL! Look -- I've Gone Binary

    Dang... and I always figured you for an "Analog Roolz!" kinda guy... LPs, tube amps and the like... :D hehehe Here's hopin' I'm still around when you reach Hexadecimal ! :beer: Cheers, CC
  20. Curiously_Coherent

    Just Me, Sayin' "Thanks"

    I concur... 'Twas Dave that turned me on to fluorescent mineral collecting with one of his first 1000 posts here. It's nice to see he's graduated to being the pater familias of LPF! His sense of humour definitely adds to the general levity around here, and his support of others has been truly...