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    18650 3.7v batteries

    Awesome. Thanks for the info. Much appreciated.
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    18650 3.7v batteries

    I remember a few years back a member was selling great batteries. I think he might have been from Texas. Anyone know if he is still selling his batteries? I bought a few back then but need a couple more and i don't trust too many people. Is there anywhere else recommended to buy protected 18650...
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    FS: Star Trek Phaser 'Hot' Option! Or, Individual Parts...

    Oh man, two 445nm phasers on my to get list...sooner or later they will be mine. Just curious...how do you think that these would hold up under "dusty" conditions ??I want to bring them with me to Burning Man...which is located on a alkali based desert. It gets super dusty. The dust is as fine...
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    520nm Green Laser Diode Handheld Build! *Now with Video!!*

    Re: 520nm Green Laser Diode Handheld Build! very nice job....loving the 520nm +1
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    Lazerer - LZBH 100mw Green Laser

    bummer to hear you're having issues with that laser...i'm kinda bummed cause i wanted to buy one from there but its not worth my time if there are issues especially with me in the US
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    SOLD: 1.7W mini 16340 9mm monster!

    Re: FS: 1.7W mini 16340 9mm monster! looks great !!!
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    3.1W Multi-Mode Blue XML & Skyray lasers FOR SALE! and Driver Circuits Coming Soon

    Re: SUPER PRICE DROP!!! FOR SALE! Blue skyray 445nm Lasers Great looking laser =)
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    annular solar eclipse

    this will be right over where i live in Nevada. There is actually a huge tribal type gathering for this just north of Reno on sacred tribal land. Kinda neat. It hits my area around 7:30pm pst. Im excited for this =)
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    Laser safety goggles ok for Solar Eclipse ?

    Hi everyone, was curious to see what pair of laser safety goggles (if any) would be good enough to watch the solar eclipse this Sunday ?? Any help would be great. I saw somewhere that a welders mask would work but i dont have one. Thanks. edited for my mistake =)
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    SOLD: yobresal 1.2 W 445nm

    Re: FS: yobresal 1.2 W 445nm $$ sent...thanks !!
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    SOLD: yobresal 1.2 W 445nm

    Re: FS: yobresal 1.2 W 445nm sounds fair. Im running to deposit some cash in the bank and ill be back in less than 30 minutes to pay for it. Can you pm me your email to Paypal to you ?? Thanks !!
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    SOLD: yobresal 1.2 W 445nm

    Re: FS: yobresal 1.2 W 445nm I want it. Whats the best price you'll give ?? I already have 2 of these but i needed a new one and this will work perfectly. How old is it ?? How powerful is it ?? Thanks! John
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    WTB: 200mW 532nm Laser

    Yeah, i have bought 6 lasers from this guy. They are all over spec actually. In case one does come under spec, he will exchange it right away. Search for IQS on here and read some reviews on his other lasers as well.
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    WTB: 200mW 532nm Laser

    Deluxe Adjustable #200 Green Laser Pointer 3998 SafeKey | eBay
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    13-Year-Old Charged With Spotlighting Helicopter

    I bet his dad got b!tched out for getting his son a "cool" new laser toy. Do some research people before you buy your kids crap !! Parents are 100% responsible for their kids actions.
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    That's a sign my friend...DONT BUY FROM TMART !!!! Seriously. I have learned the hard way and if you buy from Tmart, you'll learn as well.
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    laser pens at sporting events

    Plus, im not sure what the laws are in Spain for handleld lasers but it sounds like they are out to intentionally hurt a players vision at this game.
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    laser pens at sporting events

    Well, out of all 15 handheld lasers i own, none are small enough to fit in my shoe. I was using common sense...sorry.
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    laser pens at sporting events

    So, i was just looking on ESPN.com and came across a soccer page with titles bring used. I read this: Real Madrid vs Barcelona 69' -A lot of laser pen nonsense about tonight. Messi had it in his face while taking the penalty and Guardiola while he was stood on the sidelines. Victor Valdes is...
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    FEELER: 635nm pointer

    Totally interested if they are in nice host =)