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    Laser Safety Glasses

    Those Amazon HDE goggles work OK for their rated wavelength, unless you're dealing with huge power output. I've tested a few in my time with pretty varied results, but I guess anything is better than nothing.
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    Australia Laser Imports

    Actually, this thread ranks high on Australian Google. Also - did you just insinuate that the Admins of this forum condone illegal activity? I think you just did.
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    Australia Laser Imports

    This thread is an absolute disgrace. I vote, because the laws regarding laser pointers in Australia are very well known (evidenced by this particular thread), that this thread be deleted. Stick to <1mW unless you have a permit, and a (good) reason to have one. The legislation was written to...
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    Laser dot question

    Yeah... it almost certainly wouldn't be safe without a shielded laser or safety equipment. I certainly wouldn't be comfortable being in a room while something like that was in operation. You can get decent goggles cheap. Why take the risk?
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    Strange things are afoot at the Circle K

    I guess that's a reasonable incentive to report people, but this isn't going to prevent laser misuse at all.
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    1.4W 520nm - The Hulk - MS-SSW-II Custom Direct Green

    Thanks for the info guys. I've been looking for a unique host for quite some time now. To add to the uniqueness, I'm considering going with something between 589nm - 593nm. I don't know if I can justify putting a 593nm diode in an incredibly expensive titanium host, so maybe I'll need both a...
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    Eagle Pair Test & Review

    LOL! I'm not sure why, but the concept of a candle-lighting laser is quite funny. :p
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    Melted Glasses?

    I normally test in the bottom corner furthest from the center. This way, it's highly unlikely that you'll ever see it when you're wearing them. :) Almost every pair of goggles I own looks similar to yours, unless I own two of the same rating. lol
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    Eagle Pair Test & Review

    I've been waiting for someone to do this. Thanks a lot for posting. Eagle Pair make some fine equipment.
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    1.4W 520nm - The Hulk - MS-SSW-II Custom Direct Green

    Wow. What a beast! That's such a nice looking host too. Where would one obtain a host like this one?
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    How To: Check For Planes Before Beaming

    Airforce one? Lol I find it hard to believe every single aircraft is tracked in real time by that site. Either way, it's still helpful...
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    How To: Check For Planes Before Beaming

    This is a great idea. Does it cover every flight, or just commercial? What about military, RFDS, etc. etc.?
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    Classic 532nm 100mW laser

    You have to be careful about cheap laser pointers these days. It's easy to get burned as a lot of us have been. :(
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    Where to buy EaglePair laser goggles

    I can't offer much advice with regard to purchasing laser safety equipment with BitCoins. What I do know, is that I recently tested a laser module similar in price and specifications to the one you have mentioned above. These things produce radiation in some strange wavelengths. Make sure the...
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    Safety of ~5mW line laser

    It really depends on so many different things. If you're concerned about safety, have you considered using a less powerful laser? You should make yourself aware of the reflective surfaces in your testing area, and avoid or remove them if possible. Even though it's not overly powerful, some...
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    General Question

    LOL! Somehow, I don't think lasers and self-defense are going to mix well...
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    FBI alert on good morning america green laser

    Are there any statistics available that show how much aircraft/laser incidents have increased recently in the US? I was reading a Customs yearly report recently that stated that here in Australia there has been no notable change in laser incidents after restricting output power to 1mW. While...
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    LazerPoint Finally Shut Down???

    I agree with Greenlander in that you probably shouldn't wait any longer before trying to execute a chargeback. Three weeks is a long time to process an order, especially one valued at $50. Have a read through laser companies forum and you'll more than likely find exactly what you're looking for...
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    Students Shined a Laser and Blinded Their Fellow - Please Read !

    That poor kid. Probably an overspec laser too. This is a very sad, but all too common story these days. :(
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    1000mw green laser, advertised as 5mw. help.

    Goggles are always a good idea! :)