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    Quit my job!

    Wow this boss guy must have a lot of profit to be able to buy up so many of your employers lol Sometimes its the "a$$holes" that go on to become the best businessmen and ultimately excel in our capitalist society 🤑
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    Planning on Building an Actively-Cooled Micro Laser

    Yeah membrane-based and piezoelectric fans are also cool, but I think fully solid state fans relying on ion flow stuff to generate wind are the end game
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    Planning on Building an Actively-Cooled Micro Laser

    I can 3D print a custom heatsink-module out of aluminum for now, its actually remarkably affordable for small prototypes. The main issue is that I can't cheat the laws of physics, small laser modules and big fans don't really mix. If only there was a way to have a fan with no moving a parts or...
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    Planning on Building an Actively-Cooled Micro Laser

    I've always wanted to build a high-power laser that doesn't feel like a blunt force weapon when I hold it Perhaps I could make use of one of those <2cm diameter fans to make something with an JD-851-like form factor. Alternatively, if I wanted to go even smaller perhaps I should look into a...
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    Planning on Building an Actively-Cooled Micro Laser

    Hello LPF, I just wanted to hopefully get some insights before pursuing this project further: I want to take an NUMB44 diode and place it into the smallest possible enclosure while retaining a 15 seconds duty cycle (with plenty of cooldown time after). Does anybody have experience heat-piping...
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    Fusion breakthrough draws energy gain

    This tech could even be used to power the next generation of spacecraft, maybe even inertial confinement fusion engines resembling the hypothetical Daedalus engine: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Project_Daedalus
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    Fusion breakthrough draws energy gain

    Holy smokes, if this proves to be real we might see some extremely powerful and cheap lasers come to market in the coming decades! Think about a house-scale fusion reactor one day
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    Help me identify this diode!

    I would recommend saving up some money and getting this guy: https://www.laserbeelpm.com/laserbee-ax.html Lasers are an EXPENSIVE hobby, so please quit while you are ahead if you cannot afford to set aside $200/month. I myself have put this hobby on hold in light of the recent recession forming...
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    Help me identify this diode!

    Most likely a DVD burner laser diode. Start at 2.5V and really low current (~1 mA) to identify the laser color/frequency and polarity (if there is no light at all the polarity is wrong or diode is fried), and adjust voltage accordingly (2.5V usually for red/infrared, 4-6V usually for blue or...
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    618nm Cryo Laser - More Orange for me!

    Amazing job! Are you just using a peltier element or is there also some liquid nitrogen involved?
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    Anyone Tested Out the New Nichia NURM31's?

    Just saw these on eBay: https://www.civillaser.com/index.php?main_page=product_info&products_id=3561 Is the divergence any good on them, could it be comparable to say a Sharp GH0637AA2G? If there are any new red lasers on the block, I want to try doing a revised better beam quality build
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    Wicked lasers Arctic ??w

    Buy a laser power meter (LPM) to measure the real output power, Wicked Lasers is notorious for shipping underspecced lasers
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    Powering 6.1V laser diode with two CR123A batteries

    you can just put multiple amc7135s in series no? would they be fried if you go over 3V?
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    Red laser dim

    Are you running the laser diode at ~2.5V (or whatever it says on the spec sheet for that diode)? Can you try hooking up an ammeter in series with the diode to see how much current it draws? Are you sure it is supposed to be red and not infrared (which is far less visible)? If it draws a fair...
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    Help, Broken Thor H2?

    I don't have that particular laser but it looks to me like the housing holding the diode in place has broken apart somehow... best to try and get it refunded since safely removing a diode (and reintegrating into a new housing) is a risky process... they must have shipped a defective product
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    Help, Broken Thor H2?

    Are you able to post any photos? It seems that soldering the "chip" (driver circuit I assume) to the laser diode would resolve the issue as you are describing it
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    Looking for a LPM

    Lasers are an expensive hobby. If you don't have a couple hundred bucks to spare every couple months, get out while u can!
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    405nm violet as use for a camping water disinfectant

    405nm is not quite energetic enough to directly destroy the DNA inside bacteria unless at a very high power density. But at that point the heat itself would probably do a better job of killing said germs... just go for 273nm, the FDA has already confirmed it to be effective
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    WTB 589nm 50mW+ handheld

    Do you want a laser that looks yellow to the human eye or actually emits yellow photons? The former is easy to create with an RGB laser