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  1. Mr. Delirium

    Name our new Current events thread

    Yummy 😋
  2. Mr. Delirium

    Name our new Current events thread

    Man, I really love the "Mega Disasters - Neverending Bar Fight" 🤣
  3. Mr. Delirium

    Insulation Problems

    That's inventive, I'll try that
  4. Mr. Delirium

    The Little Diode That Could

    Dang, I would have thought the diode would have died by now. Long live the little diode that could! ;)
  5. Mr. Delirium

    Insulation Problems

    Sadly I do not possess a lathe
  6. Mr. Delirium

    Insulation Problems

    beautiful lasers, did you just sand down the interior of the host, or maybe the module?
  7. Mr. Delirium

    450 gatling laser diode replacement

    I believe the Osram PLTB450B 1.6W 450nm from DTR's Laser shop should be sufficient. It's pretty cheap at 23 dollars. Good luck on your project 👍
  8. Mr. Delirium

    Insulation Problems

    The latest project that I've been working on (and my first pen build) has been a ~150mw red laser pointer that uses the Mitsubishi LPC-840 along with an AMC7135 current regulator. Problem: Both the negative and positive connections from the batteries must go through the AMC7135 to properly...
  9. Mr. Delirium

    Greek fellows help a brother out?

    I would reach out to Giannis_TDM, he's in Greece and I have seen his work and consider him very knowledgeable in the laser field. I hope this helps. Peace ✌️
  10. Mr. Delirium

    How to get started?

    Welcome, I wish you well on your journey to building your own lasers and learning about optics, light, etc. This is a great place to look for information on lasers. That being said this is an 18+ forum for obvious safety reasons and I don't know If the mods will take action. It is also worth...
  11. Mr. Delirium

    I need a new laser?

    I think he is referring to how much power you want out of your laser.
  12. Mr. Delirium

    Happy New Year

    Happy New Year everyone!
  13. Mr. Delirium

    Mitsubishi LPC840 Pinout?

    Thank you very much, this is exactly what I needed!
  14. Mr. Delirium

    Mitsubishi LPC840 Pinout?

    What is the pinout for the Mitsubishi LPC-840 650nm laser diodes? Sorry for making a post on a seemingly simple question but I've looked far and wide in this forum for information on this but none of the answers are consistent. Some people say that they are case neutral, some say that they are...
  15. Mr. Delirium

    laserpointer seller search

    You say that you want to order a laser pointer but I doubt a handheld device would be helpful for aligning radio antennae, but I don't have much knowledge in that field. A 50-watt green laser is not just something you can buy online, from what I can gather, lasers of that size are usually DIY...
  16. Mr. Delirium

    Styropyros newest video, anyone beaten it/ have an idea?

    I would say that I don't mind styro, (Note: Idk why I'm getting into this controversy tbh) a lot of his videos from 9+ years ago are what I've been using to learn how to make drivers, take apart DVD sleds for diodes, and assemble hosts. He's not the reason I got into lasers as I'd been...
  17. Mr. Delirium

    New styropyro video.

    That thing is absolutely insane! Some things aren't meant to be handheld lol 🤣
  18. Mr. Delirium

    Greetings, I'm new

    Wow, that is amazing, I think that 505nm cyan is a gorgeous color for a laser. I am just starting to try and build my first driver for a small green laser first before doing anything too fancy, although I definitely need to do something with 505nm at some point. I did make sure that safety...
  19. Mr. Delirium

    Greetings, I'm new

    Wow, that's more complicated than I thought, maybe one day when I'm wiser I'll take on a DPSS
  20. Mr. Delirium

    Greetings, I'm new

    Hi, thanks for your help! The wavelength of my diode is 520nm so it's direct, I don't think I'm going to tackle a DPSS laser yet 😅