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    Laser Pointer Store mis-using complaint e-mail.

    You wouldn't! YOU seem to not care about the thieves working the laser sites, as usual. Have a great day.
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    Laser Pointer Store mis-using complaint e-mail.

    Hello, I made a complaint to the laser pointer store a couple of months ago in an email. It was basically about why I would not consider buying from them (Laser Pointer Store) because of the resellers of their Thor sieries lasers are selling under powered lasers, if you order a 5 watt you get a...
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    Hello, Is it just me or does anyone else feel like they are surrounded by Chinese on this site?
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    Clouds and lasers

    Hello, Last night, under a full moon, I was shooting my 1 watt red laser at several small clouds near the moon. One cloud for a minute, then the next, then the next. 3 total. Each dissipated in about 5 minutes after I had shot them. Each in it's turn. I went in and told my wife and showed her it...
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    Single or double batteries for my Sanwu Challenger II 520nm 1W laser pointer?

    correction, my new unusable laser is a 635nm red 1 watt Challenger II. It is supposed to have 2 battery compartment for multi mode. They sent it with the single battery compartment. I hear they have great customer service. We will see.
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    18350 batteries.

    Smaller huh? Boy, i'm a dope.
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    Single or double batteries for my Sanwu Challenger II 520nm 1W laser pointer?

    I just got one of those 1 watt 520nm lasers today. It does not light up with the single 18650 battery. I have not tried adding a battery. Do you think they sent the wrong battery configuration for me as well?
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    Sale thread/ Hosts/Heat Sinks/Focus adapters/lasers

    Hello Lifetime17. Where is your sales page? I can't seem to find it. I am looking for a host or two. Thanks.
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    Has anyone opened a Thor Ultra or an Odin 5 watt?

    Hi, It opened up easy. I just turned it by hand. I don't know why it was so easy this time around. Warmer weather? Anyways, it looks like the copper heatsink in these isn't very long. Maybe an inch. BTW this turned out to be a 3 watt laser. Is a heatsink of 1 inch enough for this laser? I run...
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    Cool Laser Pointers....

    Thanks! Any assembly instruction books or booklets for building handhelds would be nice too.
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    So where are you all from?

    Well, I guess everyone went off topic. Should we start over?
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    What do you use you laser for?

    Are laser scanner boards and parts available somewhere?
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    Are there any books or magazines on lasers?

    Hello again. I am mostly interested in hobby laser material. I think we can skip the physics. Anything for building pointers would be good. Laser light show material. Laser art. Lasers in photography. Thanks for any suggestions. I will look them all over. =)
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    Are there any books or magazines on lasers?

    Hi, I'm looking for some material on lasers. Books, magazines, anything to help with the hobby. Thanks.
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    Cool Laser Pointers....

    OK, so where do I get parts from? Heh.
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    Cool Laser Pointers....

    Hi, Skip on buying from this site. No real customer service, it takes days for an e mail answer, and the phone always says there is no one available. And they sent an under powered laser. So I payed about $100 too much for my 3 watt. It shows about 3.2 watts on lpm. Since it was supposed to...
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    What do you use you laser for?

    Hi, I was wondering if anyone uses their lasers for art, or scanning effects, or anything other than build, learn, and burn? Laser scanners are cool. Laser show effects are what I'm getting at. I had an $80 simple laser show once, gave it to my nephew, and he loves it. If I were to buy a...
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    Other uses for my laser goggles.

    Hi I have a black light flashlight that I use for florescent minerals. The googles work excellent for that. I also use my goggles for general daytime use outdorrs as the provide superior Blue, violet, and ultra violet protection as well as decent infrared protection. And I use them indoors when...
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    So where are you all from?

    Cool on the SUV. They can be real fun. I own a Explore Scientific 102 ED telescope on an AVX mount and have a few very nice photos I'll have to share soon. And I buy/collect/invest in meteorites. I also like burning through a Popsicle stick in less than 2 seconds from more than a foot away...