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  1. xirrious

    New ~445nm Build!

    thankyou this is exactly what I was looking for, appreciate the solid response!
  2. xirrious

    New ~445nm Build!

    Hello everyone! It's been years since I've been a regular visitor of LPF, but just recently I had an old associate ask me what was happening in the laser world these days. To which I had the answer: No fucking clue. The guy was disappointed, and I was ashamed. So, here I am, looking for some...
  3. xirrious

    Any interest in a DL 589?

    Also I'd really like 400 for it, so I'm offering it for 300 as is, or 400 if it is lpm and turns out to be the exceptional unit I think it is. I think this is fair? If it's below 50mw avrg price is three, above it's four. I want someone to get a good value and also not give it away so feedback...
  4. xirrious

    Any interest in a DL 589?

    Ok my phone won't cooperate. I have to email pics. Zach id like to send it to you for metering and then buyer gets it from there. Email for me guys is grantham.john atgmail sorry forum URL is glitchy thru phone don't intend to make this difficult. Love everyone and look forward to the day I make...
  5. xirrious

    Any interest in a DL 589?

    I recall paying around 400-450 new. I'll get photos this week of the host and lpm. I'd really like to see 400 for it as it's harder to get these days and this unit is above average. Best beam I have for all my lasers. It is unstable outside a certain temperature range but works awesomely once...
  6. xirrious

    Any interest in a DL 589?

    I'll get some lpm photos asap. May have jumped the gun posting without. It's about 3 years old now I'd say, but run conservatively for a total that comes out to less than an hour combined run time, and kept in storage case for it's life. When I got it as part of a group buy the general consensus...
  7. xirrious

    Any interest in a DL 589?

    Going through some tough times now and I may have to get rid of some lasers. I have a functioning 589 that I have not metered but based on it's luminescent qualities I'd say it's safely above the 35mw mark easy. Pictures are possible. It was bought in a group.buy several years ago and I was...
  8. xirrious

    eta carinae, laser star.

    Thanks cyparagon for the awesome links. Always the most educational posts. I followed your thread link to an outside URL and learned a lot. Tyvm!
  9. xirrious

    eta carinae, laser star.

    Oh wow that goes to show how naive I am! Thanks for the link to other natural lasers. However eta carinae itself is still arguably the most powerful known natural laser source. The sheer power alone gives it some interest. Although I'll be sure to check into other atmospheric sources from...
  10. xirrious

    eta carinae, laser star.

    Well polarization could essentially, based on concept alone, convert black body radiation into laser light, making it easier to focus and thus exploit it's energy potential. However having stars already proven to emit coherent light, statistics say there are other intelligent life forms, so how...
  11. xirrious


    Yeah don't feed the troll folks.
  12. xirrious

    eta carinae, laser star.

    So this is old news but perhaps new to many of us here. Eta carinae, one of th largest stars we have observed, has been proven to produce uv wavelength spatial and temporally coherent light. That's right folks! The only known natural object to emit laser particles! Thoughts ? Comments?
  13. xirrious

    Can't decide which laser

    I've gotten a dozen or more lasers since I signed up on this forum, and in my opinion it'd be better to spring for a little extra cash for a decent laser. I love laserbtb personally. PL hosts are great in my opinion.
  14. xirrious

    Post Your GUN (PICS)

    Bad post, ignore it pls.
  15. xirrious

    Post Your GUN (PICS)

    Wow. I didn't go thru the entire thread, but a 50 call at the start got me interested. Looks similar to a barrett. What's your longest cold bore shot?
  16. xirrious

    Illegal activity, What Have You Thought About?

    Hey, awesome sig 3pig! Off topic I know, had to comment though... Also, good idea as far as I'm concerned. I am not a thief, but I've stolen things before. I have a moral issue with stealing from people, but large corporations and things of the like, I felt less guilty about.
  17. xirrious

    I Killed My Diode But Not Sure How

    Sending you a message.
  18. xirrious

    Hello From Virginia

    I too live in va beach. Hit me up sometime I'd be happy to help ya with any laser issues ya have. They're 0retty simple but I've fried my share of diodes teaching myself lol
  19. xirrious

    Scared of messed up m140 diode

    So many epic posts here, but that's good. . Agreed and lol for real. Sorry you burnt your diode up but everything that happened was entirely due to total lack of research on a subject you clearly have no knowledge in.
  20. xirrious

    Deciding between 1.1W 450 or 100+mW 532

    For a pointer I'd be more interested in divergence vs power. 5mw of 520-532nm is good