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  1. MrHurt

    445nm 581mW ...by Blord !!!!

    Good simple review! Awesome work of art ! :gj:
  2. MrHurt

    For sale : 501B lasers with copper heatsink from $80

    Just PM'd you Blorg! CAnt wait any longer !! Its mocking me!!
  3. MrHurt

    Received The Laser Today..

    Yeah but this one is labeled "100mW'...Well its fixed focus so I dont suppose itd burn anything, BUT cmon, you GOTTA be able to see the beam. I mean I had a 5mW and in a lit room you could still see the beam, nevertheless at night! js...
  4. MrHurt

    Received The Laser Today..

    Yoda voice: "Meaning is double indeed, see the message hidden you will"... :crackup::crackup::crackup: Soooo Chinese crap really rated at <5mW for this laser? anyone?... My questions will start with "My boyfriend" from now on... jajaja
  5. MrHurt

    LPF's members occupations/job? What do u do??

    WowEpicham... Real fancy smancy nice looking campus. Its almost yelling out "creativity!" into the students minds. Mind=Blown! And the lab doesnt look too shabby at all... Im not sure why but it makes me think of Aperture Science labs... (Portal) I love that game. :D
  6. MrHurt

    LPF's members occupations/job? What do u do??

    Wow... No pics necessary. (Futerama squinting meme) Not sure if job is cooler because pics are unoathorized or because military security... lol That's pretty neat too! But I see what you mean when saying that if you do something you don't like it ends up consuming you. I mean luckily I ended...
  7. MrHurt

    LPF's members occupations/job? What do u do??

    Yeah I see that :scared: haha! but at least you have a good hook up! IMO I loved working on my own metal. It some how made me feel more pride and in some crazy way made a bond. lol Ofcourse anything out my reach and it was straight to the shop. But I had to pitch in throughout the process. My...
  8. MrHurt

    LPF's members occupations/job? What do u do??

    OOOOhhhhhhhhh.... I see... I thought it was more similar to like a auto shop where custom bulds and mods can be done. There ive seen a lot of sponsorships but between other shops... Say for example the shop down the road makes custom exhausts, and your client wants both an exhaust and a manifold...
  9. MrHurt

    Post a picture of yourself!

    Me with the girl I love... Cant live without this woman.. 9 months together.:D:wave::D
  10. MrHurt

    LPF's members occupations/job? What do u do??

    Nice Things! Must be a huge perk to have that accessibility. Yes I know what you mean when people ask those type of requests. I just stare back at them with a -_- face. lol Thats pretty neat ionlaser555. I used to work in a Cadillac body shop and I learned a thing or two from watching the way...
  11. MrHurt

    No problem c0ldshadow. Every time I can, I will. :D

    No problem c0ldshadow. Every time I can, I will. :D
  12. MrHurt

    Hello from New York City

    Welcome to the forum SilverCedar(Jesse). I was once in your position as for college. (Hated it and bailed lol) Glad you started your homework on the reading Stickies part. Those threads tend to be the more useful. If you read up on this forum you will see that your knowledge on lasers will grow...
  13. MrHurt

    New to this site

    Welcome Carlr83 this forum is full of laser enthusiasts ! Above the thousands region. Be sure to check out all the Stickies in different topics as for they helps lots when trying to answer a question. As for that, well its usually the focusing that allows a laser to focus the thermal heat. At...
  14. MrHurt

    Hello from the great RVA!

    Welcome to the community CunningStunts! Here you will find a broad and narrow libraries of info on all types of lasers/builds/host/EVERYTHING lol The members here go above and beyond to help/ensure you fulfill your needs and wants. Remember to read the Stickies, they usually answer a lot of...
  15. MrHurt

    LPF's members occupations/job? What do u do??

    Soooo I was just wondering what are the different jobs/careers/occupations all of LPF's members have, pics of their work place (If its TOTALLY awesome of course!) and if any of you guys are in your dream career and if not what would that be?... I mean this is a hobby, and a very expensive one...
  16. MrHurt

    Best Burning Laser around 50$?

    As for 50$ budget... not so sure what your chances are, good or bad. BUT, check out this thread and you'll see a neat organized list of Everything you'll need or want. It has everything from parts to completed lasers. Best of all, its made here in LPF by trusted members who put real time and...
  17. MrHurt

    Best Burning Laser around 50$?

    I agree with Hislordship, if your looking for visibility stay in the "green" color. such as 500-570nm part of the spectrum (green is usually 532nm) As for burning, I agree violets (405nm) are usually better but only because IMO Ive only seen them with 150mW+ Remember Mitch, its the "mW' or...
  18. MrHurt

    Made in LPF - Support Your Fellow Laserists FIRST!

    Thanx wanna- a thread this good deserves a good GIF! lol
  19. MrHurt

    Regret Your Username?

    I like my username. lol Its the first four letters of my last name "Hurtado" hence MrHurt. No I dont like pain nor do I intend on giving it. lol Its simple. Not hard to remember or pronounce. lol Yes I did read the "before you become a member" thread before I became a member. Plus Ive never been...
  20. MrHurt

    Made in LPF - Support Your Fellow Laserists FIRST!

    Finally a thread where EVERYONE is displayed!! I remember searching for this even before I was a member and wondering why such a list didnt exist! +1 to you wannaburnstuff I have only dealt with one of these guys *cough*Apex*cough* and ALREADY I love the service and prompt communication! Its...