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    Sun + Magnifying Glass = ?mw

    omg in two weeks when our new big screen gets hear were throwign ours out i had no idea thease were in them ill have ot take it out
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    Teenie Burner $50 More Available now!!

    Re: Teenie Burner $45 **SOLD**  More soon! hay ken ill defintantly buy the one with a hole in the tail if its still for sale do you mind a money order?
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    all my stuff

    im not able to post pics for aboguht a week cuz im leaving town but if oyu have a cell that can get pics i cna send them to you
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    all my stuff

    im trying to sell every thing i have i have a 5mw blu-ray box style laser with glow tile a dx 100mw labb style laser and a dorcy metal gear host with guts removed any one instred post or send me a pm thanks ..glona..
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    hd drive

    is it the xbow hd drives that have the 803t diodes ?
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    Pocket sized PHR-803T Success!

    would you be willing to make a tortuial on this i jsut order this flashlight nad wont to try the same thing
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    Miniature Cooling Fan

    i just got 3 litle ones out of one of the old laptop's i had thear grate
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    Miniature Cooling Fan

    whear are the fans in them i have 2 old laptops
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    Leadlight GLP-105

    would nay one be intrested in selling a ledlight host just the driver and stuff i dont ownt ot buy a whole unit to take it apart
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    br decanning

    but i litterly haave not 10 cents to my name
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    br decanning

    ok well the glass on my br laser is cracked so i have no choics but to get rid of it or to take the can off im goin to try how should i do it? thanks ..glona..
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    What does it mean?!?  (your name that is)

    Re: What does it mean?!?  (your name that is) my name glona is from world of warcraft just a randome name i used and evrey one new me by it so it stuck to me
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    First HD-DVD Build

    whear did you get that host?
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    BR FOR SALE!!! or trade now with pics

    my computer gets stupper laggy when i use firefox so i just use explorer but il try really hard and take my time i really will from now on.
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    BR FOR SALE!!! or trade now with pics

    omg if you have a problem with me tell me il try and work on it but im sorry
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    this cant be right!! help lol

    that acctuallylooks right lol
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    LPF Member Awards!

    ooo lets do a worst speller i win :P
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    BR FOR SALE!!! or trade now with pics

    Re: BR FOR SALE!!! or trade ok give me a min to post the pics
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    BR FOR SALE!!! or trade now with pics

    Re: BR FOR SALE!!! or trade hay ken if i had the money i woudl buy another of your lasers in a heart beat i tinhk your right its jsut peopel wont power not quality
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    BR FOR SALE!!! or trade now with pics

    Re: BR FOR SALE!!! or trade omg well hell if skam0 has a prob he can tell me now back to the topic any one intrested?