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    How to get started?

    Is it okay if i just participate and hang out? I fully acknowledge that lasers are indeed very dangerous and can cause major harm in a tiny amount of time. I don't plan on building any lasers before I learn how circuits and things work and I'm definitely not planning on building / using anything...
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    How to get started?

    Haha, thank you. I've ordered a laser from my country's equivalent of amazon. It should be enough to give me that little push of confidence i need to fuel my addiction. My journey only begins from now, even though I've been stalking numerous of laser pages for some years now.
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    How to get started?

    Hey laser enthusiasts. I've been introduced to the wonderful world of lasers by Styropyro. I must say, I have no idea what safety precautions to take, what there are, laser types, how wavelength affects features of the lasers etc. I've had a couple of handheld (~5mW) green pointers in my life...
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    Greek fellows help a brother out?

    I'm in Greece, Athens, and i want to begin my laser journey. Does anyone know a nice way to begin without buying things on ebay? Shops especially are very welcome! :)