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  1. mrbubl3s

    2W 445nm Laser and 1.7A Boost Driver on eBay

    Howdy all, I need extra some money for a new project so I'm liquidating my 2W. 2W 445nm Blue Purple Laser w 1 7A Boost Driver 5 5V | eBay
  2. mrbubl3s

    Canadian help.

    Hello, this might be a really stupid question, but, I can't seem to find that thread about that person in Canada ordering >5mW lasers for people that live in the USA. If it got closed or something, could a Canadian person PM me?
  3. mrbubl3s

    Alexizupinhea ftw!

    Alexizupinhea, was an awesome person to deal with, great communication, friendly, and decent shipping time.
  4. mrbubl3s

    What type of keyboard?

    I use simplified DVORAK, because you can type at insane speeds. Dvorak Simplified Keyboard - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
  5. mrbubl3s

    No driver yet.

    Its ok if I use a way underpowered battery with my 300mW blu-ray right? I got it today and the driver is going to be another 2 weeks.
  6. mrbubl3s

    Traveling at the speed of light...

    So I was wondering... If you had two people racing in different spaceships, one is going the speed of light, and the other 1mph less than the speed of light, would the one going less than the speed of light look over to the other and see nothing, a beam, or a spaceship "slowly" speeding past?
  7. mrbubl3s

    Yet another attempt...

    Ok guys, iriver T30 MX 512 MB MP3 player - eBay another attempt to get some money! Thankfully I should be getting a job soon...
  8. mrbubl3s

    "Orbtronic" Glasses

    Anyone ever bought a pair of these and not have their eyes burnt out, I guess their made by Orbtronic? GREEN BLUE LASER EYE PROTECTION SAFETY GLASSES GOGGLES - eBay (item 230400462650 end time Jun-14-10 10:14:42 PDT) I dunno, none of the pictures actually belong to the seller, maybe its a fake...
  9. mrbubl3s

    Fun Experiments?

    Pretty much all I've done with my lasers so far is point them outside at night, mostly because my glasses aren't coming until Tuesday... But anyways, when I get my glasses what are some fun experiments I can try?
  10. mrbubl3s


    Quick questions. Does anyone know if CR123 batteries are the same size as LIR123? and What do the CR/LIR/RCR mean in front of the numbers? Thanks.
  11. mrbubl3s

    Wait, WHAT!?

    Why is THIS laser so expensive? Is that wavelength hard to make or what? :confused:
  12. mrbubl3s

    Trade: Stuff for <50mW

    I have a lot of electronic things and I was wondering if someone would like to trade a bunch for a (or several) <50mW green laser(s) for my new experiment. I literally have a shed stacked with this crap. None of it is stolen, just collected over time from people/Goodwill/dumpsters. Pick however...
  13. mrbubl3s

    How often do you get out?

    The title says it all! I get out 2-3 times a week
  14. mrbubl3s

    Ipod 2nd gen

    I know this section is meant for lasers, but this Ipod has like one day left and I REALLY, don't want it to go for $1.34... It costs more than that to ship. So I'd really appreciate it if you guy would take a look and see what ya think. Thanks. :) 2GB Ipod nano 2ND Gen. Good shape - eBay (item...
  15. mrbubl3s

    Laser ~VS~ Fiber Optics

    I don't exactly know too much about laser or fiber optics, but I'm going to throw this out there anyways. Example A: Would this be more efficient than fiber optics? Could you maybe send a flashing laser beam from hundreds of miles away with less friction than fiber optics? Example B...
  16. mrbubl3s


    Cost of iron keeps going up. Buy from True Swords instead.
  17. mrbubl3s


    I'm getting a 100mW green laser, and a 5mW red one. I don't have enough money to get special glasses, in case I accidently shine it in my eye. So, I was wondering if I could use goggles that I use with welding/torching. Would they keep my eyes safe? I'm particularly attached to my eyes. So what...
  18. mrbubl3s


    I'm having a hard time figuring out what mid-open means: 100mW 532nm Mid-open Star Projector Green Laser Pointer Pen : GadgetTown.com Also, since its a star projector pen, do you think I could just take the end off and have the beam? One more, which of these lasers do you think I should get...
  19. mrbubl3s

    Is it possible to make a laser even more awesome?

    I'm going to buy this laser tomorrow ( 780nm 50mW laser mini module 3.2VDC w/ adj. lens 780nm - eBay (item 380148552687 end time Jun-08-10 08:24:06 PDT) ), but before that, I would liek to know a bit more about laser in general, and what you guys think of this one. Could I make it burn things...