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    Need a little help from a laser i bought from scifi

    i know hes out of business for bad business practice, my laser does ok, and i think all i need is a simple fix. i have the [SF*501B]*SF501B*445nm*Blue 2-2.4w model. problem im having is the focusing lens, its loose in the ring, and i can hardly ever get it to focus properly. How could i go about...
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    sf501B 2.0 - 2.4 W

    I'll try to make this review short and sweet, but most importantly, honest. I know there has been alot of negative press for joker and his shipping, and its probably warranted in some respect. I can understand that these lasers, with the quality standards that they are built to does take time...
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    got my laser!!!!

    I know its only been about 2 weeks since my order, but i received a tracking number from joker so my item, everything seemed fine. Well today i decided to check out the progress of the order and it was delivered to a mailbox in NYC, which is 1500 miles away from me in the midwest united states...