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    510nm pointer for $19 legit?

    A year or two ago the cheapest green laser diode pointer I could find was about $80. Now I see a 510nm green laser diode pointer for $19. Any idea if this is a legit deal?
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    Unable to pay at o-like

    For yesterday and today when I tried to check out at o-like and it sends me to secure.credit-pay.com, and the connection timed out. I sent them an email but received no response. It almost seems they don't want to do business. Any idea what's going on?
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    Are duty cycle usually built-in?

    When you buy a laser pointer with a specific duty cycle, do you have to turn off the laser yourself when the max on-time is reached, or does the device itself enforce the duty cycle?
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    520nm laser pointer powered by AAA?

    I'm looking to buy a 520nm laser diode pen style pointer powered by common batteries like AAA or AA. Do they exist? The reason is I plan to use this once in a while at star parties and I only turn them on very briefly to avoid too much disruptions. So there is no need for long duration lithium...
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    star pointing laser w/o IR leak

    I read that cheap green laser pointer may emit high levels of IR that can damage eyes. I happen to have a cheap green laser pointer and have some questions: - if I point the laser into the sky, can the high levels of IR still injure my eyes or cause other danger? - do red or violet laser...
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    Diode based green laser pointer?

    Are all the green lasers made with DPSS (red laser plus a color changer), or are there green laser based on green laser diode? If so, where can I buy them? I'm under the impression it would be more efficient.